January 18th, 2008

My good blogging buddy, Cookiebitch is being interviewed today at 2:09pm Eastern Time on Tropic Wave Radio on the Susan Ramon Show.
She’s known as The Crazy Radio Chick, and I am so looking forward to this.

You can tune in via the website, and you can call in and ask your own questions.

Toll Free US/CANADA: (888) 762-8153 ext. 942

I can’t wait to ask my own special questions, and hear her answers!

While you’re waiting, how about voting for me in the blogger’s choice awards?


The phone-in number didn’t work for me, must be a Canuck thing, but someone in the chat room gave me the local number. I called in with questions, and put Ass Burger Boy on the phone. Now he has started his own blog. I guess he thinks he’s famous now that he’s been a caller on a radio show, heh, heh.

Cookiebitch was great! And Lotus of Sarcastic Mom
was in the chat room making us laugh too.

File this under TMI, but I laughed so hard that I sharted*. I’m blaming the antibiotics I started on to treat my killer sinus infection. No one should make you laugh that hard. I also tripped over the phone cord while checking the degree of my shartedness in the mirror. And that marked the end of the phone conversation.

*shart: a fart that goes terribly, terribly, wrong.

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19 Responses to “You Have to Hear This!”

iamthediva Says:

you have thusly been voted for!!

also, what is 2 Eastern time for us skatchers?

kaylee Says:

:) I wasnt home I was shopping :)

kaylee’s last blog post..Awards for me?

ALF Says:

That might be TMI but it’s still funny. Poop is funny, there’s no 2 ways about it.

ALF’s last blog post..The Little Ones Do

Veronica Says:

What was 2pm EST for me? I think I missed her because I was busy sleeping. *cry*

Veronica’s last blog post..Sneaky Tricks…

witchypoo Says:

You can go to the site tomorrow, and get a recording of it.
I think I will, because I missed some of it by being on the phone, and sharting and all.

kim aka frogpondsrock Says:

sharting.. hehehehe great word.. the spouse calls them suspicious farts..

cheers kim..

kim aka frogpondsrock’s last blog post..I feel like skipping.!!!!!!

Ree Says:

So, shart is the adult version of foop?

Ree’s last blog post..First Meme of 2008

kaylee Says:

Surely you mad up this shart word? I loev it Hehe!

kaylee’s last blog post..Awards for me?

kaylee Says:


kaylee’s last blog post..Awards for me?

kaylee Says:

Thank witchypoo I will go listen to it tomorow:)

kaylee’s last blog post..Awards for me?

teeni Says:

I have a little award for you at my site. Come by at your convenience to pick it up! :)

teeni’s last blog post..January ?08 Shouts and The Third Occasional Teeni Awards

teeni Says:

Oops – here’s the link to help you on your way. Sorry – I meant to include it up there!

teeni’s last blog post..January ?08 Shouts and The Third Occasional Teeni Awards

teeni Says:

Um, just ignore that last comment as I forgot it and here it is for real:

*note to self: no more late night posting, you dumb-dumb head.

teeni’s last blog post..January ?08 Shouts and The Third Occasional Teeni Awards

BlueBella Says:

You just made me shart . . .dammit!

BlueBella’s last blog post..Because I Love Friday Nights

cookiebitch Says:

I am so proud I made you shat! :)
By the way, tag you are it. Visit my site to find out more!

cookiebitch’s last blog post..TAG, YOU’RE IT

zoe Says:

sorry but i am horribly jealousy of your stool incontinence…seeing how ass wounds have someone all bound up right now. asss burger blog!!!! i’m lovin it!!!

zoe’s last blog post..TFT: One, Two Freddy’s coming for you…

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talina Says:

OMG… I laughed so hard I snorted no sharting yet. Great post!

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Laughther can be the best medicine… | Harvest of Daily Life Says:

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