June 2nd, 2009

You know those people you just play off? And egg one another on in silliness? Skinny Bitch and I are like that. So are Krissa and I.

To demonstrate, I bring you the second portion of an email exchange which started with me saying I hurt myself in my sleep and she was urging me to describe it as a sex injury. Where, really, I probably rolled over onto my physio targeted shoulder, which is being mean to me. But? It had to be a sex injury, because it happened in bed. That’s when I shared that I had never had a threesome, my last twosome was a decade ago, and now I only have onesomes, since I got all discriminating with my sex partners and all. She’s pretty sure I should describe it as a sex injury though. Sheesh, she’s bossy. Which would only be annoying if I were obedient. So you’re welcome for the background. Maybe you had to be there.

Krissa: I dunno…. the true test is sleeping in the same bed with yourself. Heh.

witchypoo: I keep getting annoyed. Bitch snores.

Krissa: Get her some of those nose strips.

witchypoo: She’s selfish. Says it doesn’t bother her sleep any.

Krissa: WHAT A BITCH! I wouldn’t put up with that.

witchypoo: If she’s not careful, NO SEX FROM ME!

Krissa: Oh shit. You need to get into couples counseling. I mean you can’t let this effect your lives like this. It’s not fair to either of you! Heh heh.

witchypoo: I’d sooner just buy her the fucking nose strips.

Krissa: (The voice of Little Mary Sunshine), It’d be cheaper!


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13 Responses to “Yet Another Post Featuring Email From Krissa”

witchypoo Says:

My laziness now knows no bounds.

Krissa Says:

Yeah. But that’s what makes you so adorable… Heh!

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Nan Says:

Weirdos! I would NEVER have this conversation with my friends. We talk about knitting patterns.

Nans last blog post..RIP Frankie

Ree Says:

You two need to take that show on the road!

Rees last blog post..The Rules According to The Hotfessional

Linda Says:

hahahahaha!!! I love it!!

Lindas last blog post..cake wrecks

Karen Says:

hmmm, knitting patterns? what a boring life.

Karens last blog post..Making Progress

warriorwoman Says:

sex story would have been better.

what’s up with the world, no one can tell a lie anymore.

warriorwomans last blog post..oink oink

teeni Says:

I think it is because you don’t cuddle afterwards! ;)

teenis last blog post..Boxes and Buddies

talina Says:

I’ll take snores over rancid farts any day! Count your blessings lady, snoring is only an auditory offense. Rancid farts are an auditory and olfactory offense, double whammy!

talinas last blog post..36 Weeks and 6 days pregnancy TMI update

talina Says:

You just bought Tater this diaper too:

Thanks again! :-P Sorry about the snoring bitch.

talinas last blog post..36 Weeks and 6 days pregnancy TMI update

Hyphen Mama Says:

UGH. The bitch I sleep with has gas. AND BAD! Whooeee. She needs to stop with the beans and garlic. And for the love of all that is holy, open a window!

You are funny.

Hyphen Mamas last blog post..So…what else is new?

Dean Says:

I’m just two willing ladies away from a threesome……