January 26th, 2008

Is it a feature of WordPress that they automatically close comments on your post about ninety-nine-plus-one things? Because I checked, and they were enabled.
Or they don’t want numbers in the title?
Or has my site been hacked?
Because, seriously, I deleted the original post below because comments would not work.
I wrote a test post to see if comments worked. They did.
I deleted both posts and wrote another. Comments didn’t work. I changed the title, but it was infected with the error of doom. When I clicked on the permalink of the post with the changed title, the original showed up. And, no comments.
If you want to comment on that shall not be named post, do it here.
There is not enough coffee in the world to make me smart enough to fix this.
Has anyone else ever encountered this?

Edit: A search of WP forums provided me with a partial answer. The parsing of post titles is for strings, and numbers are not included. So it just doesn’t like to play nice when the parsing, it is confused. Dates are not considered numbers if that is how your post titles are configured to display, but actual numbers, you will be punished for.
And now, the comments in the post that should be titled “100 Things” but is called “This Title is Cursed” work now.

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9 Responses to “WTHeck?”

Marie Says:

Okay, then let me just say I envy your freedom to put on your flannel jammies whenever you like.

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teeni Says:

Oh, too funny – I love reading those things and now your title makes sense to me. After trying to comment about three times, I gave up and finally read the next post. LOL. I’m a little slow. Maybe I need some of your coffee? Funny that your instructors wanted to work for you after geek school. That cracked me up. I admire that you are still learning things about yourself and life in general. To top it all off, you come across as a very well put together person with a great sense of humor despite all you’ve been through. Cheers to you, Witchypoo! :)

teeni’s last blog post..Three Strikes and You?re Out!

Dawn Says:

weird …

Dawn’s last blog post..Guest post, by ….

kaylee Says:

oH you are too funny sometimes :)

kaylee’s last blog post..Want to know something that I haven’t shared?

kaylee Says:

OH I love that last post the geek school ones really cracked me up ;)

kaylee’s last blog post..Want to know something that I haven’t shared?

Moolahking Says:


Finally i can subscribe to your feed..!! Muah Muah

Anyway, please check my biggest RSS feed icon on my site.. You’ll gonna love it..But then, it will take you to subscribe via email.. Sorry, darl.. :)

Opsss.. I’m out of topic.. Sorry Poo..!!!

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Andy Bailey Says:

WTHeck indeed! it took me bloody ages to figure out what you meant here. I had to go back and read the previous post after seeing these comments.

I guess I should come by more often!

Andy Bailey’s last blog post..iMaingo Portable Speakers £37.50 + 0.50 P&P

Veronica Says:

Flannel jammies are just so damn comfy. I *heart* flannel jammies.

Also? I love black liquorice too. Mmmmm.

Veronica’s last blog post..Viva La Hawtolución

Talina Says:

I too had to reread this post twice before I could grasp what was going on… Now i get it and that’s silly! No number in the title? Boo!!

Talina’s last blog post..Our gas bill is how much?