December 14th, 2007

If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to read Part One

It’s okay, I’ll go start supper and come back when you do.

The second time I worked with the police was a murder investigation. I got the officers very interested when I looked at the victim’s photograph (taken during his life, not in his death because that would be creepy, even for me) and I muttered “That dirty old bugger.”

What I saw was a pedophile. What his wife and the rest of his community saw was a very nice man.

I next described the shooters. I kind of did it by “feeling them” or “visiting” them. I knew the older was flabby, soft, and fair-complected. The other was younger, more fit, and dark-haired.

The officers asked me if I could identify them from photos. I could and did. They were getting more excited. They had an idea who did it. They were asking me to describe everything I could about the case before they revealed exactly what they wanted me to pinpoint. I guess they wanted to see if I was any good.

I was asked to tune into the victim around the time of the shooting. I described a dark house, him having a pee, putting wood in the stove, down to the pattern on the linoleum. (That’s old people talk for a particular kind of hard wearing flooring, and this was so not pretty) They were all yeah, yeah, skip all that, what happens next?

I describe a barn he goes to, and later I sketch this barn. There were birthing pens that I sketched, and I put them on the wrong level, but precisely above where they actually were. (Note: I have been looking through my stuff to find my sketches. I’m hoping I didn’t throw them out in the big clean I did recently.)

He is doing something on the lower level, washing something, and he hears something on the upper.

To be continued…

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12 Responses to “Working with the police – part two”

josey Says:

oh, you’re so cruel! i was just settling in for the whole story. :P hehe.

i have a few questions, if i may…how long does it take you to “see” what you do when you look at the photo? just a few seconds, several minutes? does it appear to you just like a memory of your own?

and out of curiosity (this just popped into my head)…what do you think of John Edward? i used to watch his show a lot. he seems legit…but i, probably like most people, always wonder how much of it is a scam. do you also have that ability as that sort of medium?

witchypoo sez: Well, this one is a rather long story, and people just skim long stories.
As for how long it takes me to “see”, it depends on how quickly I can get into an altered state. Usually about five deep breaths will do it. I know it isn’t a memory of my own, it’s more like a movie playing in my head. Sometimes I feel physical sensations and emotions as well. I have never seen a John Edwards show.. I read a Sylvia Browne book once, but her patting herself on her back just made me gag. I do connect with dead people. They don’t always talk. Sometimes they show me things that are meaningful to the client. Sometimes I feel how they died, which is seldom any fun. Sometimes they are reticent, sometimes rude. Just like when they were alive.

iamthediva Says:

…..more please!!!

i have never seen John Edwards, but i’ve seen the South Park episode where they crown him the Biggest Douche in the Universe… it’s pretty hilarious.

I’ve read a Sylvia Brown book, it was interesting. i think it was “Life on the Other Side”.

JennB Says:

I wish you could train your clarivoyance and talents across the internets!! I love people who are in tune with things that the rest of us can’t see.

And, just to clarify – I’m not a spammer!!

Just Beachy Says:

That is not nice….

Just Beachy’s last blog post..Grit By Any Other it Still a Grit?

Jenny Says:

OH! OH! OH! I really, really, really hope the perps were his pedophile victims and they got off because he deserved it.

I read a lot of Sylvia Browne (don’t hate me) and I skim the rif-raf and redundant material because it’s the “other” stuff she’s got to say that I’m interested in.

Jenny’s last blog post..It’s a Cold, Hard World Baby!

witchypoo sez: Heh. Well, you have to remember that although this is a story, it’s a true story.
I’m so not a hater. You can lick up all the Sylvia Browne you want! I just found her style to be extremely self-congratulatory. It is true that psychics tend to have large egos. It’s probably because of all the people who keep saying “You’re right!” (Every woman’s dream)

nan Says:

AAAK! There I was going, “oh boy, a good story!” I guess I had better get up, then, and make breakfast. “move along folks, nothing more to see… Yet!”

One of my girlfriends loves CSI on TV, and sometimes when the kids and I go there to hang out, my friend and I just park up and watch CSI while the kids run wild. This is a bit like that, but in installments!

I am starved for entertainment… You can tell!

nan’s last blog post..vacation!

kim Says:

‘biaatch!!!’ okies I am so off to the next person on my rss thingy.. lol
cheers kim

kim’s last blog post..Back chat ..

Jenny Says:

My DH asked me last week why,if there are people in the world who can see and help solve crimes, why so many of the really big ones go unsolved. I didn’t have a compelling answer for him. I just said psychics can’t get involved if they aren’t asked. Any big, grand explanation I can add to my puny arsenal?

Jenny’s last blog post..It’s a Cold, Hard World Baby!

You could tell him that most cops are dickheads to work with. Also, in my case, if I have not been to the site, I cannot place it. I once worked a site where a husband and cousin disappeared, and I was able to pinpoint it because I had been there before. I may have to write an entry about the nature of the visions I get. Not all of them are clear, some are symbolic.

Loralee Says:

They definitely can be dickheads (Though I love a lot of them).

I worked with them ONCE and only ONCE.


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zoe Says:


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