December 4th, 2007

I have worked with the police exactly twice. I will not do so again. I now know why criminals confess. Police officers have major stamina, work very long hours, and do not offer any nourishment or breaks to those who are helping them for twelve hour stretches. Criminals, I’m sure, just get tired and want the police to leave them alone, so they confess.

Both occasions called for my clairvoyant abilities.

The first was to locate a dangerous offender who was unlawfully at large. I was shown a photo of the subject, and “visited” him.

What that really means is that I got a real sense of who he was. I felt him as a four year old child, who was locked in a dark closet. That was the time that he resolved not to fear, not to feel at all. Four years old. I volunteered that he most likely imprisoned his victims in a small, dark space. I was told that at least one was held in a trunk.

There was no prior knowledge by me of his background. I prefer to work cold. I then switched to looking through his eyes at the present time. I have no clue how I switch like that, except by intent. I said that I would need someone who had visited his house, to confirm that it was what I was describing.

I should note that I have occasionally gone outside and looked around when remote viewing, but it gives me a level of excitement and anxiety that is counter productive to the task at hand. One needs to be relaxed and somewhat detached.

So, I’m looking through the eyes of a young predator, and I describe his surroundings. I then sketch everything while it is still fresh in my tiny little brain. I describe exactly where in the house he is hiding, and draw an “X” to mark the spot.

I get the call from someone who lives nearby that a raid is imminent. They are also working with the police, in an observer capacity. I have practically a front row seat for the takedown.

One of the officers is a real hot dog. He reminds me of a hyperactive puppy, with big, dirty paws. A real keener. He didn’t instill a lot of confidence in me. I was nervous that his eagerness might blow everything, but he was fine.

The dogs are brought in, and the offender is ordered to come out if he doesn’t want the dog to hurt him. I believe the hot dog fondly referred to the attack dog as “Chewy” because he said that Chewy chews.

The offender, in cuffs, is brought out by the triumphant hot dog. Case closed.

Note: This was tricky for me to write. I wanted to make sure there were no identifying details because of people who were involved in the surveillance, and of course, for the safety of my own family members.

The second case will be more straight forward. There is nobody to protect in the second case.

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16 Responses to “Working with the police, part one”

nan Says:

Now THAT was interesting. Looking forward to part two… I think…

nan’s last blog post..required reading!

witchypoo sez: You know, I wasn’t sure how well this would go over, but part two is more exciting. I’m an evil woman, and I have a few other things to post before I get to it ;) I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

Calamity Says:

Wow. Sounds exciting, and intense! I am looking forward to the second one!

witchypoo sez: Thank you. And thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

josey Says:

witchyp! your abilities are amazing. i find clairvoyants like you, who use their abilities as such, so intriguing and the burden you carry must be so heavy sometimes! the remote viewing stuff sounds so…SCARY almost. do you ever feel scared? (sorry if that’s a dumb question. LOL.) thanks for sharing, and i am eagerly waiting part two like everyone else :-D

witchypoo sez: I don’t let it become a burden. I mostly have amnesia about the details of actual readings, which is really a good thing. These police things are different. For one thing, I made sketches and took notes. Remote viewing isn’t scary to me at all, because you need to observe from a detached viewpoint, if that makes sense. I put my emotions aside. I was scared of one client I had, but I soon learned not to read the crazy evil types. That is one area where I am willing to lie. I tell them that I can’t get anything for them. There are some things you don’t want to know, and you don’t want the client to know that you know them, if you know what I mean ;)

Jenny Says:

I’m so intrigued. By the original story, but mostly by your response to josey. I would have thought that the crazy evil ones would steer clear of psychic readings. Or would be so spiritually out of whack that they’d never consider psychic abilities even exist. I always thought dark entities (or whatever you consider evil) were so self absorbed and in-the-moment that they wouldn’t care about the psychic realm. SO intrigued. I’ll be pondering this the rest of the day.
I once read that as many as 70 % of the world’s population are dark entities (evil). Do you agree? That figure scares me silly, considering that my children have to be here another 80 years or so.

Jenny’s last blog post..She Sees Dead People-Part 2

witchypoo sez: The crazy evil ones are sometimes drawn to psychics because they think we have “powers”. They want power over others, and they hope to get them some from the psychic. It isn’t hard to feel hooks coming at you from someone else’s energy if you have trained yourself to discern energy. The best way to do that is to validate your own perceptions. I was searching for a post I wrote called “Put a sweater on, your mother’s cold” to reference, but it must be in draft form somewhere. As far as evil people, I just steer clear of them. Your gut instincts are your best guide that way. I don’t really have a number on who is a dark entity, but I would hazard a guess that a whole lot of politicians would qualify.

Jenny Says:

And another thing. Enlighten me how you go from doing these amazing things, changing the course of the future (for the victims, the perp, the case) and then go on about life and all the mundane tasks involved. Here is what gets me. When you know that we are more than what we see visually. When you know factually that we are never alone, even when appearances would suggest otherwise… how do you then come back and say “Oh yes, and I have to pick up toilet paper at the grocery store.” The irony of it all gets me. We are so much more. Yet we still have to go through the motions of mediocrity.
Sorry. Ponderings of the tadpole.

Jenny’s last blog post..She Sees Dead People-Part 2

witchypoo sez: Whew! Quite a discussion going on here! The short answer is that we have a physical reality that we must deal with. It is what grounds us. (Along with our conscious connection to the earth) I only do the spooky shytte when I consciously choose to do so. Even during meditation and journeys, I remain aware of my connection with the earth. I wish I was a good a writer as I am a psychic, because this stuff is hard to explain off the cuff.

zoe Says:

that would be so freaky and sad to feel him like that as a child. it’s no wonder our prisons are full. i used to work home health with a nurse who would go all day with out stopping for a bite a potty break nothing. i’m like shit feed me and toilet me regularly!

zoe’s last blog post..To: You From :Us

witchypoo sez: Zoe, it was all of that, but I think it was necessary to go to the point where he stopped feeling, because feeling was too scary for him. Btw, he was found under the floorboards in his room. As for police, that is most likely why they have the coffee and donuts reputation-they just don’t take the time to eat properly. Too busy catching bad guys.

kim Says:

I went all shivery reading that. I am pleased I found you.
cheers Kim.

kim’s last blog post..You have been selected ..

Hi Kim, I’m pleased you found me too. Nice bunch of people hanging out here in the comments section.

Marie Says:

Yay! I figured out how to comment on your blog! Yay me!

Cool story, I look forward to part two.

Marie’s last blog post..Is that a gumdrop in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

old knudsen Says:

I’ve always been interested in serial killers and profiling in general. I guess that comes from reading people and my love hate thing with humans and wanting to know what they are thinking. When you look at my picture do you see lust? and if so is it from you or me? I worked with the police once, I believe they call it jury duty, free food and I got paid for it.

witchypoo sez: I have always been interested in that sort of thing as well.
Lust? From me? Yes, but old lady lust. Meaning I want your children to be my
imaginary grandchildren ;)

iamthediva Says:

i have a question for you, do you take comfort in knowing somewhat what lies ahead? or are you secretly building a fallout shelter in your backyard? i know a lot of people, myself included, who are terrified of what will happen to our planet in the next couple of year. how do you handle it? and how, can a person such as myself, feel good about bringing a child into this world (not that i’m there, but i’m thinking about it)?

phew, i’m sorry – that was a little off the regular comment path… must be a tad emotional today….

witchypoo sez: Well, I bought a $100 lottery ticket thinking I knew what was ahead for me, I will know next week. Really, I expect the extreme weather to become more extreme, the ley lines are changing, migration patterns haved changed, and there is an enormous amount of activity on the tectonic plates, increasing earthquakes and tsunamis. The water tables are receding, especially in the southwestern states. I don’t see how any good can come of this. I wish people would realize that they cannot eat money. Really? When I look ahead, it doesn’t make me thrilled. Raise your children to be independant, to trust their own perceptions, and to be as self-sufficient as possible.
And they may need guns to protect their food source. The truth is that we need as many shining lights as possible to set an example to others. Most people are getting their mores from television and popular music. I choose not to live in fear, because fear does not allow love to flow readily.

Kathy Says:

Wow. Just…whoa.

Kathy’s last blog post..Who Ordered The Strep Throat?

iamthediva Says:

thanks witchypoo.

enforcer Says:

Way cool post witchypoo, I’ve always been fascinated with remote viewing (I listen to am radio and am a fan of Coast to Coast) they have remote viewers on from time to time and I know on those nights I’ll get very little sleep.

We sooooo have an officer hot dog here too.

enforcer’s last blog post..FLAG WAVING RANT

witchypoo sez: I was hoping you would make it here for my working with the police post! I was interested to get your feedback on it from a police officer’s POV. Come back for the next one. Heh. Everybody has an officer hot dog :)

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