January 7th, 2008

This is where I send the newcomers back to Part One and Part Two. Oh! there is also Part Three. It’s a long story, okay? Back off. Don’t make me hurt you. So scraping from my last installment…

There are complications because these two policemen have me in a secret file that their superior officers will not ever see. They aren’t going to be able to get their search warrant on my say-so, because their superiors do not know about me. Even though I feel cheapened by this, I agree to meet them at the actual crime scene later for several reasons. I will go into these later.

First, I am still young enough then not to be uppity with the police, and also used to being treated with secrecy, like the mistress to a married man would be.

Second, I really want to help. Duh.

Third, and most compelling. I had never before physically visited a site that I had visited via remote viewing. I was pretty excited about that.

When I got to the farm, it was indeed what I had seen in my remote visit.

How cool is that?

The two policemen, lets call them Simon and Judas, wanted me to enter into the psyche of the shooters. Okay. I had done this before. It isn’t always pretty, but then, neither was the dirty old bugger.

If I hadn’t made it clear before, the dirty old bugger had molested the younger of the two shooters. When I went inside the shooter’s emotions, I found only elation and exhiliaration. “I did it! And I’m glad I did!” In fact, he didn’t leave immediately afterwards. he stuck around a bit to gloat.

I pointed out the places he wandered because they may have held potential evidence. He didn’t have to step over the body of the dirty old bugger, so there were no bloody footprints. The only evidence recovered were shells from a 22 rifle. (A rabbit gun)

A search warrant had been served and executed on the hiding place of the weapon, but the older guy had gotten antsy, and had re-hidden it.

After the visit to the crime scene, there was a lengthy session at the police detachment. This is the part where I was starved all day and became cranky and tired. I produced sketches of the weapon’s new hiding place, sketches of the two, and the accomplice who owned the antique truck they arrived in. I traced the route the two had travelled in the truck, because I recognized the landmarks.

It was during this session that Judas looked me straight in the eye and barefaced lied to me: “We’re going to make sure that you will get paid for all of your time and talent.” Up to that point, I was somewhat naive about police trickery. It was before all the good cop shows on tv heh-heh.

To me, that was the last straw. I know when I’m being lied to, and the worst thing about it is that a liar will never own up to it. What do you say when someone lies to your face? Sheesh. I never brought up money at all. He did. With a big fat lie. While I was hungry and tired. And cranky. Did I mention cranky?

They couldn’t serve the second search warrant for the weapon because they were threatened with a harrassment suit.

The weapon was never recovered. The two got off scot-free because they couldn’t get any evidence to convict.

Serves them right, the big fat liars.
They totally ignored my information about the antique truck, even though I gave the licence number. They could have questioned the owner, at the very least.

I provided the best I had to offer, was exhausted in the process, and my information was selectively used. I wonder how many other dirty old buggers got theirs at the end of this guy’s arm. Because I do know that the shooter felt no remorse, only exhiliaration. I think he got a taste for it.

I thought of him a while back when a young man from my area went on a rampage. He had a list of pedophiles and he was killing them. I bet Simon and Judas thought about him, too.

It’s frustrating to know that the police didn’t use information I felt strongly about. That’s why this is the final installment of Working with the Police. Psychics have huge egos when it comes to their information. It’s a housewife’s dream to hear “You’re right” time after time, and then get paid for it. I hear it all the time. With the police? Not so much.

When I do a reading, and see trauma in the client’s past, I really have to judge whether or not to go into it. One, is the client ready? Two, do I want to go there myself? If we go into the trauma, we can effect a healing. Working with the police is like experiencing the trauma without the benefit of the healing. It’s just not for me.

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16 Responses to “Working With the Police – Conclusion”

teeni Says:

These are so interesting to read. But scary too. I can’t imagine how freaky it must feel to “visit” these unsavory people and get a taste for what is going through their minds. I wonder how you keep such an upbeat, positive attitude? That to me, is the most amazing thing. :)

teeni’s last blog post..The Story Game Story Results

Jenny Says:

It’s just too bad you did all that work for naught. Cops have big egos, too… and they aren’t about to let some psychic look like the hero. Jerks.
Given the state of the world and pedophiles, aren’t you just a little bit okay with the fact that one pedophile got what he had coming?

Jenny’s last blog post..Boiling Away The New Years Blahs

RaeJane Says:

My friend, the one I told you about, having the dreams of a very prominent missing person… her husband is a State Sarg.
It’s an interesting dynamic.
I’m not sure she wants to work with the police either…

RaeJane’s last blog post..61

old Knudsen Says:

To quote Friedrich Nietzsche:
Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you.

I’m ok about the death of every pedo, rapist or murderer, it wouldn’t make me happy to kill them myself but I’d feel no remorse about doing it. Doing the world a favour, if only Hitler’s dad had worn a condom.

old Knudsen’s last blog post..Don’t Book A Holiday Its The End Of The World….Again.

josey Says:

geez! that was not the happy ending i was hoping for. i should have known! :|

jenny said it right, i think–im sure the police definitely dont want to let the psychic look like a hero! that might demean their abilities. the other thing, too, is im sure they just had their own hunches and selectively listened to what they wanted to hear. too bad.

you must be very strong in mind and heart, witchy, to not let the sadistic emotions of people like these affect who you are. that really creeps me out!

josey’s last blog post..copycats! LOL :)

Ree Says:

way cool stuff here. Now I need to go back and re-read from the beginning. (after I get my plug-ins in!)

Ree’s last blog post..Le Curve du Learning

Val Says:

I wish this could have ended differently. I can’t say that I envy you, witchy….it must be horrible to feel those emotions of someone so demented. Since you and others like you are willing to subject yourselves to such a beating, you would think law enforcement would be more attentive, especially when what you say is true. They are fools and I can’t blame you for your decision of not wanting to work with them again. Stay mellow ~ Val

Val’s last blog post..Happy New Fraud…..

kim Says:

Thanks for sharing that .. I like the old fellas Nietzsche quote. :]

cheers Kim xxx

witchypoo Says:

teeni: I have learned the knack of detachment, otherwise, I think I would go nutso. I “visit” I don’t stay. And I ground myself, and let the earth absorb it.
Jenny: I think the dirty old bugger had it coming. I wonder how many other lives he befouled. The problem I had was that the young shooter felt fabulous afterwards, and I fear he got a taste for it. That is why I included the link to the rampage, it is an absorbing story, and was on the news here quite a lot.
RaeJane: Her husband can tell her what kind of reception her information would get. The fact that it is about another police officer, I think they would have to have video to stomp down on him.
Josey: There are no happy endings where sexual predators and killers are concerned.
Val: I think that most police treat psychics like they do informants that they have nothing on. In other words, like civilians, who are all suspects or dirtbags. Just my opinion, mind you, based only on limited experience.
Old Knudsen: A very astute quote. I don’t battle monsters, but I do sometimes stare into the abyss, full well knowing it stares back.
Ree: Go tweak your code. heh-heh.
Kim: You’re welcome. I liked the quote as well. Knudsey knows what he is talking about. No fool he. You were the only one who noticed my header. Ree helped me with the design elements in the new incarnation. Is good? I suck at design.

ALF Says:

I am so not a fan of the police.

ALF’s last blog post..I’m Proud Of All My Friends Today

witchypoo Says:

ALF: I can only speak of the encounters I’ve had with them, on the right side of the law, by the way, so I shudder to think about being on the wrong side. I do think it is foolish to think all members of the police force are the same.
I don’t much care for generalizations.
I would like to get some feedback from actual police officers on this. Is there a blue wall of police against civilians?

enforcer Says:

Hey WitchiePoo, great posts (I read part one, somehow I missed part two, so I had to catch myself up) Part three I can understand and appreciate. I can only say that there are good and bad in ALL professions. There are some cops I’d go to the gates of hell for or with and others not so much. I’d fight alongside all of em for a common goal, but if I disagreed with their tactics or demeanor they’d sure get an earful when it was over.

As a cop, I get mad when other cops do something stupid that paints us all in with a broad brush. I also bristle when people generalize about the cops, I for one really do give alot of credence to psychic evidence and remote viewing, there are other cops who think its all bs. In either case, if you gave me good info that I could build a case with (or even put me on the right track) it would be absolutely stupid to not run with it. And when it comes to fruition there is no reason not to at the very least give some credit to those who did work on the case. Thankfully I’m a patrolman and not an administrator. I cant imagine why a patrolman or detective would take it upon themselves to assure payment (thats an admins job) don’t promise what you dont have the authority to deliver. Sadly there are big egos in law enforcement too Witchie.

I can tell you one thing, I’d work with you any day. Cranky or not!!!

Lys Says:

Fabulous story! (and yes, I read Part One and Two before attempting to read Part Three). I have to agree with Enforcer. I adore cops but there are some that paint the rest of the profession badly for those that are attempting to do good. You have skills (and I found you via Hotfessional). This is my first visit here and definitely WONT be my last :)

witchypoo Says:

Enforcer: Thank you so much for weighing in on this issue! I wanted to have some balance because I could really only speak from my own experience, and believe me, I hate it when people generalize about psychics! The scam artists give us all a bad name too.
I didn’t ask for payment or even credit for my participation, what I had hoped for was some common courtesy.
And, I’m only cranky when I’m hungry, tired and lied to.

witchypoo Says:

Lys: Vat are dese skillz of vich you speak? I love me some Hotfessional I does. I’m very happy you’re coming back.

zoe Says:

unfortunately i have not had good experiences with our men in blue. i’m not surprised you didn’t get paid or that they lied. i am glad however that you finally told us the whole story!!!!

zoe’s last blog post..On a wing and a prayer