September 26th, 2008

I so truly enjoyed the comments from this post! Your razor-sharp wit cheered me up so much, that I am going to devote the Peep Award to this post only. Thank you all so much!

And? I settled some of the anxiety by deciding to work at night, when wives were around to supervise errant husbands. There are also more calls at night, but I have had to restructure my hours somewhat. It just means I go to bed later, and wake up later. My blogging routine is off a bit, but hopefully, I will adjust.

From Anxiety

Marie in Maine gives us hers:

:::makes clattering noise::: “Excuse me, Mr. Wanker, I dropped my magnifying glass! Now, go on. Tell me, when was the first time you noticed you had erectile dysfunction? You say you never had ED? Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, but I see nothing but softies in your future. Hello? Hello?”

Knudsey slyly retorts:

It would have been an easy reading, ” you have all the tools at hand for a satisfying out cum, expect good things soon.”

The Over Thinker has her own remedy:

Man, that’s just not cool. Is there another hot line that would be better to work for? I don’t know much about it, but I’d guess some would have more respectable clientele than another–or maybe I’m way off. If you get another one like him again, would it be apropos to say, “I sense you have a small penis. I sense your mother and your dog are the only 2 that know it.”??

Warrior Woman,never at a loss for a quick comeback:

Cum here and whisper in my ear, spank me spank me and charge me lots. I’m a bad boy, yes I am, yes I am…. I want to feel you, I want to make you feel good. I want to come to your house and chase you around naked, I want to be your biggest scariest nightmare, I wanna be your bad baaaaaad boy………. SEE I COULD DO THIS PSYCHIC HOTLINE THINGIE TOO!!!

Theresa thinks the good thoughts:

w. My neighbour used to wank in his backyard all the time when I was a little girl. I think that qualifies as sex abuse. I really really HATE wankers. I hope you don’t get anymore. I shall think wank-free thoughts for you.

Memarie Lane offers advice:

You should post a picture of my grandma. I’ll bet you can imagine the kind of calls we used to get at the colonic place.

And the winnah is…


I used to be a telephone operator, and every full moon we got the weirdo’s and sicko’s calling in. There was this one guy who would call all the time and ask us “what color are your panties?” One girl told him, white with brown spots!” hahahah

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9 Responses to “Witty Comebacks”

teeni Says:

Oh, I’ve missed these! Congrats to Karen – good one!

Ree Says:

Oh, snort. Those ARE sooooo good.

Rees last blog post..The O’Horror of it All

oldknudsen Says:

Wanking is sinful in the eyes of the Lard…… Never wank into the eyes of the Lard a sock is the usual dream catcher.

oldknudsens last blog post..Wee Willy Winky

Jenny Says:

Bravo Karen! Nicely done.

Jennys last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

The Over-Thinker Says:

Congrats, KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen’s comment totally reminded me of saying…
(said in Forrest Gump-voice)
School is like a pair of Goodwill underwear…you never know what kind of marks you’re gonna get.

Blech and HAHA at the same time :)

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..Footwear Fridays: Pink Shoes Edition

The Over-Thinker Says:

And Witchy, THANK YOU THANK YOU for nominating me for Five Star Friday. I’m so freaked-out flattered :)

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..Footwear Fridays: Pink Shoes Edition

Karen Says:

aw, shucks, it warnt nothing!

Karens last blog post..Gluten Free Donuts

warriorwoman Says:

and so the race is on again for the award…………

Warriorwoman – two time award winning commentator.

warriorwomans last blog post..pussy’s & party’s

Marie in Maine Says:

Thank ye for the mention, witchypoo. I can help you with some special effects make-up if you want to look like a little old wrinkled lady. A little latex, some toilet tissue and wa-la!

(mebbe you could’ve gotten some extra moola by offering to mail him your panties – I hear there’s good money in that)

Marie in Maines last blog post..How to Become a Zombie