November 25th, 2008

The fabulous commentluv contest was a winner all round. There was one winner on my site, but I earned the moniker Jammy Cow for bringing in six, count em, six prizes.

A lot of new readers came to my blog because of the contest. Some of them were generous with their stumbling as well. I hope that everyone who entered and participated in the contest found it as beneficial as I did.

I’m still working on getting Zoe’s blogspot site installed with commentluv. The problem is on the JS-Kit site. It will retrieve her comments, but fails to write them. I have been trying various things such as using the original blogger feed rather than the feedburner redirect, but so far, no joy. I’ve been waiting for JS-Kit to get back to me. It seems they were recoding the core all week.

I’ve also been playing with my site, upgrading Wordpress, upgrading my theme, and then pasting the modified CSS into the new theme so things look like my site. If you look at the original theme, you would see quite a difference.

All of this is because there is a bug in my wordpress theme code. Don’t worry, it isn’t catching. But this bug prevents me from altering my plugin settings, and I have been trying to find a workaround so I can use the fabulous new Twitter plugin from the equally fabulous Andy Bailey, who brought us the commentluv plugin and the contest.

For some reason, right now it only works for me on this post. Go over there and see if it works for you, will you? You’ll see it’s working if a little twitter bird shows up after your comment.

Thanks, Andy, for the great plugins and the great contest!

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7 Responses to “Winner winner chicken dinner”

teeni Says:

Why, you WINsome woman you! Jammy cow! LOL. I’m sorry to hear about all the techno troubles and hope they get resolved soon.

Paunchiness Says:

Dang I missed out on that contest. Well congrats to all the winners.

Paunchinesss last blog post..Where Do Thanksgiving Turkeys Come From?

witchypoo Says:

Heh. Most of the winners were me. I forgot with all the tech stuff I was doing, to post a screenshot of my winnings, but it was over a hundred bucks worth of goodness.

Nan Says:

Well gosh darn and congratulations! It must be on account of your marvellous fans and commenters… All the tech stuff is beginning to overwhelm me now, I think I’ll go eat some chocolate.

Nans last blog post..Tech Updates….

mommyknows Says:

Wow! The site looks really great! Clean, uncluttered. I like it.

The twitter plugin is fab. Now I have to talk myself into figuring it out and installing it.


mommyknowss last blog post..Cruella, Cruella … De Vil

jackie sheeler Says:

hey, first time i saw a twitter id box on a comment form — very nice innovation! congrats (and good luck!) all around on the site design. i recently overhauled my blog and it sure was a pain in the ass!

great that you got so many new visitors from the commentluv contest! it didn’t work out that way for me, but i am sure that i didn’t get the word out there quite enough. live & learn!

jackie sheelers last blog post..what we just ain’t gonna do this friday

mommyknows Says:

Just checking to see if the twitter plugin is working and how it looks.


mommyknowss last blog post..The Miracle of Photoshop (& Lightroom)