March 31st, 2008

Warrior Woman pimped for me yesterday, bless her heart. She brought me a friend of hers who was very reluctant for a reading, but who came away from it very peaceful and glad she had decided to face her fears.

She brought another friend, who I had met previously, and while I did the reading in my office, the two others concocted food plans for the day. Her food buddy, Red, is a professional cook, and never cooks for Warrior Woman. Instead, she buys a load of food and schleps it over to WW’s apartment, and entrusts it to her excellent care.

Warrior Woman has a fetish for cookbooks, and by that I mean, get your mind out of the gutter, Knudsey. She collects them. She is a most excellent cook. I always look forward to her needing my techy help because she prefaces the request with an invite to dinner. Yum. It gives a whole new delicious meaning to “Will work for food.”

She hasn’t yet been able to replicate my most excellent homemade pizzas though, and it causes her pizza envy, Oh, be quiet, Knudsey.

So whenever she asks me if I have a hankering for my favourite red wine, I start a batch of pizza dough, because I know that’s what she wants for supper. She doesn’t ask directly for anything, rather she offers something first. It’s a funny little dance we do. The dance is funnier with the larger bottle of wine.

There is an art to making cheeseless pizza. (We both have issues). First, the crust must be thin. I use a rolling pin. And multigrain flour. I’m quirky that way. I also throw a few herbs into the dough.

The sauce is nothing special, just your everyday pasta sauce. I saute my onions and garlic before I put them on. I make sure I add herbs and spices to the mixture while it is frying. I use a mixture of ground pork and ground lean beef, suitably fried and spiced, and the thing that makes it so yummy is the sausage. Oh, the sausage. Sun-dried tomato sausage, fried and sliced up ahead of time. A few raw sliced mushrooms, and Bob’s your uncle.

It’s a lot of work to make pizza at casa witchypoo, but I cook a lot of the ingredients ahead of time and freeze them into pizza-sized portions.

It’s practically a tradition now. We only eat pizza when WW visits. If someone else came for pizza, it would feel like we were cheating on her. I guess you could say about me “Will cook for wine.”

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22 Responses to “Will Work for Food, Will Cook for Wine”

Jenny Says:

I’m so glad I was eating while reading this, otherwise I’d have drooled all over the place. It sounds super yummy!

Jenny’s last blog post..What You Won’t Hear at the Spelling Bee

Just Beachy Says:

I will work for wine too. or cook, or hell, whatever! I feel like I should say, shush..Knudsey even though I don’t personally know him.

I love love love homemade pizza.. it was actually on my menu plan for last friday night until I realized that the daughter had a rehearsal and we stayed at the shop until 6:30 drinking beer having a staff meeting. We made nachos (and wine) instead.

Just Beachy’s last blog post..Where I Tell You, What’s Going on with Me.

iamthediva Says:

i would like to come over for pizza sometime. i don’t actually have a specialty of my own, although B-rad would say that i have a way with salads… really, i mean, how can you mess up a salad? Lettuce, veggies, nuts, cheese, and craisins. Voila. Salad.

but, hey, i’d bring you salad! of course, by the time i made it to your side of the country, the pizza would be cold, and the salad will have wilted… sigh. c’est la vie!

iamthediva Says:

oh, i could take the cheese out though. you have issues, and maybe you’re not ready to face them yet. Did the cheese hurt you in a way you don’t want to talk about? Y’know, cheese and i have our disagreements, but we always find a way to work it out.

Angella Says:

I LOVE homemade pizza! I haven’t made any in awhile…but I might just have to!

Angella’s last blog post..Where It All Began

Mylifeasmomma Says:

Having never met Knudsey it seems he has a bit of a dirty mind!
So he MUST be a man? Since we all know that men think dirty thoughts all day long!

Mylifeasmomma’s last blog post..Things kids do that I ponder on

teeni Says:

Homemade pizza is awesome. And I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who uses a rolling pin on their dough! Yay for that! It’s so cute how you wont pizza-cheat on your friend. That is true friendship. I wonder if she cheats on you with the wine, though?

teeni’s last blog post..Story Game – The Adventures of Marie Cambridge – Marie and Her Ex

talina Says:

I envy your pizza dough skills, I tried to make calzones once and the dough kind of sucked big time!

talina’s last blog post..We got 4th place! Watch the video..

warriorwoman Says:

warriorwoman here and pizza free at the moment. witchy what are you doing on friday? I’m off early.

and I’m always on the lookout for willing victims to your charms and cards.

my cookbook collection has gotten embarassing, but red looks good on me.

I’m such a sad state, I didn’t know you were onto my tactics. I thought that when I mentioned food, you got distracted and I could so easily pull the wool over your eyes. mmm…..guess coy doesn’t work for me.

you make me laugh though, never knew you wouldn’t pizza cheat on me, as Teenie put it – I’m just honoured.

I was at the hair dressers today when I called.
I have a bottle of your favourite red waiting.
waiting for when you’re ready.
just call me – and take the pizza dough out of the fridge

warriorwoman’s last blog post..chunky bits

iamthediva Says:

CommentLuv never seems to work on my comments.


so much is wrong with my bloggy world.

ALF Says:

We had gross, frozen pizza for dinner last night. I am very jealous of your homemade pizza.

ALF’s last blog post..Maybe All The Rulers Are Wrong

Ree Says:

“The dance is funnier with the larger bottle of wine.” – I’m surprised you didn’t warn Knudsey off with this one as well!

It sounds delicious though witchypoo. Now I’m hungry all over again.

Ree’s last blog post..Workin’ From Home – Day 1

Old Knudsen Says:

I’m disgusted at what you lot have been saying about me implying I am some kind of horn-dog innuendo fiend that has nothing better to do than chuckle about a little slice of gurl on gurl action with big wine bottles or the dance as you call it. You should get all yer clients to sign a waiver about using their experiences for blog stories. If you ever need a pimp just cum to me because I am a P-I-M-P and a total playa that gets jiggy with it as long as me hip holds out and yes yerlifeasamomma I’m all man, with a bit of animal throw in………….. woof!

Old Knudsen’s last blog post..Head On Up

witchypoo Says:

Jenny: Good! Most times people who eat at the keyboard complain about being grossed out, or spitting their food onto the keyboard.
Just Beachy: I don’t personally know Knudsey either, but I’ve seen his work.
Diva: It’s a love hate relationship. I love cheese, love it, but it makes me feel craptastic.
Angella: It’s good to be an inspiration. Homemade pizza is the best. I don’t do takeout. Greasy and doughy. Yick.
Mylifeasmomma: Knudsey sez he’s a man, but with Photoshop, anyone can paste a man’s head on an image and Bob’s your auntie.
teeni: I expect she may be a bit of a wine slut. Luckily the rolling pin serves a dual purpose.
talina: My calzone dough was awful too. Different recipe called for I think.
Warrior Woman: Setting up these food dates in my comment section may make people think we more than friends. You wine slut.
ALF: Ristorante is a decent-ish frozen pizza. And in Canada, McCain’s International is edible.
Ree: Everything is funnier with the larger bottle of wine. Nothing says a good time like purple-stained teeth.
Knudsey: They would only have to sign a waiver if I identified them. And I only blog about the really interesting or bizarre readings. Or I could just tell them to get jiggy with it.

Loralee Says:

I love making pizza on our grill. Mozzarella, vine ripe tomatoes, mushrooms and Basil are my favorite toppings.

Loralee’s last blog post..Sideblog: When something has to give

Veronica Says:

Oh your pizza sounds yummy. And WW and I should totally get together and compare collections. I have a BIG thing for cookbooks.

Veronica’s last blog post..PLAYTIME!

frogpondsrock Says:

Yep what Veronica said..

frogpondsrock’s last blog post..Xbox4Nappyrash interviews Me….

nan Says:

I have a ridiculous assortment of cookbooks too. I packed many of them away in Mum and Dad’s attic the other day, and now am suffering from withdrawal.

I think homemade pizza is on the menu this week around here too. Mmmmmmm.

nan’s last blog post..morning tweetings

Marie in Maine Says:

Of course I was reading this while starving and had to go cook breakfast to finish reading!

Sounds like a fun time was had by all!

Marie in Maine’s last blog post..Woof!

The Over-Thinker Says:

Sun-Dried Tomato Sausage? That sounds like a bit of perfection right there. Nearly reaching the level of BACON.

The Over-Thinker’s last blog post..These Should Go in the Vault (But not like The Disney Vault which we know isn’t really a vault but more like a temporary holding cell.)

Evil Woobie Says:

cheeseless? I had to do a double take there just in case I misread it. This is the first time i heard of cheeseless pizza, my friend. Bless you for introducing the concept to me. Now I’m very curious about how it would taste. :D

Evil Woobie’s last blog post..Buy My Blog

zoe Says:

i hate to cook. hate it, hate it. but i love to eat. especially pizza…can we make a trade?

zoe’s last blog post..Double your Pleasure