December 28th, 2007

Today, I have no banked posts, and the only ones I have a burning urge to write are about Ass Burger Boy. He’s a blogging gold mine. However, I like to change it up and I haven’t even written part 4 of working with the police yet.

What I would like to know for future reference, even tomorrow, is what you are interested in that I may have to offer. I get that the geek stuff makes your eyes glaze over. Okay. Geek stuff be gone.

Do you have questions? What do you want more of? Even those of you who have never commented can make your voice heard now.

Me? I’m gonna go make a snowman. Talk amongst yourselves.

Ta-da! I present the most pathetic snowman ever.


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16 Responses to “What do you want? No. Really. What?”

josey Says:

LOL! i keep getting the image of mike myers on SNL doing linda richman’s cawfee tawk, “DISCUSS!” *hand swirly motion* HAHA!

so hmmm…what do i want my fave witchyp to tawk about? well i think it would be fun to learn more about your life. i know your “about” page discusses a lot…but what about the other things in your life that have shaped you? (good or bad.)

of course we’re ALL always interested in any of your stories involving your special abilities! (no, not the wonder-twin ones with SB! LOL. the other one!)

or what about weerd/funny/geeky memories you have? i mean, you’re an old geezer (so you say!) so you should have plenty of life to talk about, right? ;)

what do you sit around and do all day besides think of all the ABB blog posts you want to share?

shall i go on? ;-D

zoe Says:

ick i hate snow. what about dances with explosives? does he still forbid you to write about him? is there a mr witchypoo? are you right or left handed? coffee or tea? one lump or two?

zoe’s last blog post..Clothing Optional

Tasha Says:

Well I for one totally enjoy geeky stuff, but seeing as I’m in the minority, I’d say it’s always fun to learn about a persons beliefs, loves, hates, and ever wonderful random posts.

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Marie Says:

I love geeky stuff. Even if I do use IE.

Marie’s last blog post..Grin and Bear it.

Loralee Says:

You know? I am pretty much game for any story you have as long as it doesn’t involve any form of excrement or toilet humor (It’s a thing. I know.)


Loralee’s last blog post..Sideblog:Eat, Pray, Love

just beachy Says:

how.bout anything that doesn’t require parts….

just beachy’s last blog post..Hike 24, 7, 4 – hut hut

Angella Says:

I’ll take whatever you can dish.

And that snowman? Made me laugh out loud ;)

Angella’s last blog post..Five Years Ago Today

Old Knudsen Says:

I want to know the witchy and the poo stuff, more details of the kind of healing you do and do you think that John Edward is psychic and talking to the dead or just getting readings from the audience.

What are the major events in yer life ? what jobs have you had ? and how can you dare to call that a snowman? its a snow midget.

Old Knudsen’s last blog post..Three More Star Wars Movies Planned

kim Says:

that is a gorgeous amount of snow… I want to see more photos.. xxxx

kim’s last blog post..Hello.. I am going insane here.. *sigh*

Jenny Says:

I seriously thought that was a fat, white Persian cat you’d decorated and poked outside! Made me laugh!

The geeky stuff is so over my head, but your site has the most gadgets I’ve ever seen…and I can’t seem to make any of them work, so you must know many things I don’t!

Yep, I’m like everybody else… I just want to know more, more, more about what you do, readings you’ve done. Maybe you could have an open forum sometimes. Not like we’d get free readings, but things like: “hey witchypoo, I had this freaky experience with the purple plates, what is your thought on it?” Things like that. Kinda like pickin’ yer brain.

Jenny’s last blog post..The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Jenny Says:

Oh. And like how you raised your kids being a psychic mom. I bet teenage sex is a bit tougher with a psychic mom.

And the healing you do. Is it like healing the common cold, cancer, or more like healing the soul???

Jenny’s last blog post..The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Poppy Says:

Haven’t been around long enough. (._.;)

Uhm… How about embarrasing moments? >w< Like events that didn’t go as planned… Those be funny to talk about.


Poppy’s last blog post..Simple Yet AWESOME!!

teeni Says:

I’m all about the variety and since I’m pretty new around these parts, all info on AssBurger Boy is helpful knowledge for me to be soaking up. I think you are just interesting all around. Not many geeks are into psychic stuff and you also have to be a tough chickie to deal with having a child in the services (you thought I was gonna say to raise a child who has autism, right – maybe most people would but I don’t have to be a mom to know that takes just a little extra dose of motherly mother-bear instinct – LOL). So basically anything you write is going to be of interest to me. But don’t worry – I will ask questions when I have ‘em. I am the type to come right out and ask and you’d have to let me know if I cross a line. ;) Oh, and I emailed you the story game cuz it’s your turn! :)

teeni’s last blog post..Art Isn?t Always Dangerous

teeni Says:

Okay – I’m back. I was doing a little research on your site cuz I’m nosey like that. I read up on AssBurger Boy and Skinny Bitch. I had just finished reading the follow up on SB and realized the comments were closed so I had to come back here and just say – that story was awesome, it was so well written and such a great read, and SB is awesome. :)

teeni’s last blog post..Art Isn?t Always Dangerous

iamthediva Says:

more psychicky stuff. i love it. can you read auras? is it hard to do? i’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. :D

Rain Man | Psychicgeek Says:

[...] the world’s most pathetic snowman I posted here? Well, it has since [...]