August 27th, 2008

From The Vagina Rocks

The Overthinker:

Yup. It’s a hoo-hoo. With maybe a side of ding-dong :)


I AM THE FIRST COMMENTER! Do I get a prize? Vaginas do rock, thank you very much. They are our friends, and anything that reminds one of a vagina has to be a powerful symbol of wonderfulness. If you can’t get stuff done with your vagina, however, you might try slamming a few doors and going “OUT!” My advice is free, ladies.

From Rolling With the Rellies


Ah. She needs a script for ‘Beano’. I love that stuff. Because when you DO fart on that stuff, they. are. killers.


a double mastectomy fffuuucccckkkkkkk! do they leave the nipples on? just asking as i have no experience with this except gurlyboys. Glad you had a good time except for the ER as they are never good times, remember better out than in.

From Psychic Boobies


I can see phyic stuff by staring at boobs so when women look at me in disgust for straing at their chest they should know that I am actually foretelling their future and it would help if they were naked. Join the viral campaign on Evyl’s mom and vote her for freak of the week at Evyl’s mom is so freakishly dumb she wears condoms on her ears so she will not get hearing aides.

And the winnah is…

Andy Bailey:

psychic bewbs! lol left bewb: hey, righty, I know what you’re thinking right bewb: I knew you was going to say that!

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5 Responses to “We Have Comments”

Andy Bailey Says:

HEY! you’re a V.I.Peep

Andy Baileys last blog post..Another coding frenzy successfully finished

warriorwoman Says:

Not even a mention – I’ll have to get creative.

warriorwomans last blog post..beautiful

Jenn FL Says:

Some people have such witty comebacks. I wish I was that smart.

Jenn FLs last blog post..Eggs and Toast

Just Beachy Says:

God, sometimes I really should just say what I was thinking. Damn good girl syndrome.

Just Beachys last blog post..Very Frustrating! Very.

Jenny Says:

Must get raunchy like Old Knudsen!