October 14th, 2008

Canadians! Today is Election Day. I know we don’t have all the hype and foolishness that goes on with the presidential election south of us, but I so strongly believe that each of our voices is important.

Our present Prime Minister has his nose in Bush’s back pocket. And I think he might be sniffing his bum.

Please, if you care about this great country of Canada, go and vote now.

And non-Canucks? You can vote for me at the Blogger’s Choice Awards.

I love you long time.

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11 Responses to “Vote”

Theresa Says:

Whoohoo! FIRST!! What is it with Heads of State and their brown-nosing Bush?? Trini PM is the same. Eeejits.

Talina Says:

Anyone who like Bush’s anything is bad news. VOTE!!
I am thinking about going to vote early tomorrow here in the USA… I hate waiting in lines!

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old knudsen Says:

I vote for Bush everytime now if only weemen would clean them now and again.

old knudsens last blog post..All Is Right With The World

ABB Says:

I hate politicians in general as they are lying pieces of human garbage that aren’t useful for anything else. The reason I vote is so I have the right to bitch about the crappy government later on.

Linda Says:

Happy Turkey Day!

Lindas last blog post..Full Moon

Jenny Says:

I agree with ABB… by definition, politicians are lying pieces of garbage. The whole lot of ‘em! I want to vote “NONE OF THE ABOVE” but that would just be a non vote and that’s not good, either!

Jennys last blog post..Prayer Circle

Ree Says:

Yes, that’s so not where you want to have your Prime Minister’s nose.

Rees last blog post..Traditions – Past in Polaroids 10

lceel Says:

At least he’s not round the front.

Natasha Says:

Haha, I agree with ABB too. I’m jealous of your voting season, I’m so sick of hearing about these ridiculous candidates I have to choose from. I just want to vote and get it over with so I can start complaining about whoever cheats their way into the presidency this time.

Natashas last blog post..Thursday?

warriorwoman Says:

Did you just dis Americans?

warriorwoman Says:

Oh – and fuck the PC’s