November 16th, 2007

Torch is a friend of mine.

She comes for readings once in awhile. I don’t care to read people I know, but hey, she is special.

I seldom remember what I tell people in readings, altered state and all that. Most any stories I would get from clients would be those clients coming to tell me how things I predicted went down.

One reading was especially puzzling to me. I said it looked like she was in hospital, but not really. I just couldn’t figure it out.

She came back to me to tell me what it meant when things went down.

Seems her brother was in hospital. The brother she had donated a kidney to. So, her kidney was in the hospital.

Her brother died a while later. She asked me if I knew what was bothering her, besides the obvious grief.

They buried your kidney?


You wouldn’t really want it back, sweetie; it has boy cooties on it.

I wonder if anyone ever actually reclaimed an organ after the recipient died?

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7 Responses to “Torch”

Just Beachy Says:

Probably not. They don’t remove the old kidneys they add the donated kidney to your front side say, above the pelvic area. Will have to ask about that though? My Hub donated a kidney earlier this year. You become attached and protective of the receiver….IT is a weirdly, awesome thing.

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kailani Says:

Poor thing, she must have been so devastated. I can’t imagine losing a loved one.

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witchypoo sez: I can imagine, and have lost a loved one, but burying my kidney with him just makes it so much worse. I know she felt guilty wishing she still had that kidney, but was angry that it wasn’t used long.

Old Knudsen Says:

No organs but I did get an electronic keyboard back that I lent out once. So how does the recipient of the donated organ feel? grateful or yucky? do they feel the bond too? I saw the film 21 grams it seems to turn you into a stalker for the donor’s hot wife.

zoe Says:

i used to work in on a transplant unit…sometimes the donors would get really weird about their organ. i had a woman whose sister was soooo pissed off that her other sister whom she gifted a kidney too was coloring her hair. hair color has to be toxic and it would surely damage her gift….if thats the case my kidneys are soooo screwed.

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witchypoo sez: Hee! My coffee shot out my nose at this. Very painful. But worth it.
I think what Old Knudsen said has some merit. I’ve read about some recipients with cravings and/or behaviours peculiar to the donor’s.
It brought some comfort to the donor family. Unless, of course, the donor was an axe murderer or something.

schmutzie Says:

That is such an interesting thought. Mourning your organ when it dies in someone else.

witchypoo sez: I suspect it would depend on the organ, and the gender of the mourner.

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