August 19th, 2009

Hi. Remember me? I almost don’t remember me myself. For those of you who have wondered about my references to Herman, I explain it all over at Kelley’s place.Code name: Teh Awesome. Because she is.

Long story short, a while back, I had severe problems with my arsehole, and it caused me a lot of discomfort. The always solicitous Krissa was very concerned. Why, I do not know. She’s caring that way. She loves her a good arsehole. Or a defiant one. Whaddoo I know? She’s great.

My first TMI Thursday post details the whole conversation to give my arsehole a name. And now that I think about it, how sad am I that I wouldn’t put it on my own blog?

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9 Responses to “TMI”

Krissa Says:

Been there. Done that.
Krissa´s last blog ..How low will I go? Nobody knows… My ComLuv Profile

warriorwoman Says:

does someone need an intervention?????
warriorwoman´s last blog ..when you’re me My ComLuv Profile

lceel Says:

This is one of those really rare moments where I am NOT going to offer to kiss it and make it better. Because.

iamthediva Says:

uhm….:blink blink:

Chibi Jeebs Says:

Well, hellooooo Herman! Nice to meet ya! ;)
Chibi Jeebs´s last blog ..Well, when you put it THAT way My ComLuv Profile

Angella Says:

I’d head over, but I’m swamped. Just wanted to say, “Hi!”
Angella´s last blog ..Little Miss Sunshine My ComLuv Profile

Hyphen Mama Says:

I just finished up my chocolate ice cream (yes, I’ll hate myself at 2am)… I’ll head over now.
Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..You know there’s going to be an overthrow of power when…. My ComLuv Profile

Coast Rat Says:

Ohhhhh BOY!
Coast Rat´s last blog ..Happy Birthday, Luke Duke! My ComLuv Profile