October 27th, 2008

Time. Weirdest thing about that. I have never had a watch that could keep time for me. First they go all out of whack, then they stop. Within three days.

I thought that perhaps a pendant watch might work because it is worn around the neck, but no. It just joined the club of watches that do not like me. Must be my wicked energy field.

There was a big deal about ten years ago regarding the 11:11 vibration, and it’s connectedness to the Archangel Michael. Just before my initiation into the energy of Michael, I had a clock stop at 11:11. The deal with 11:11 and it appearing on clocks is that it is a trigger to decode knowledge that is programmed into our DNA. I always called these events “rememberings”.

I have this dinner plate type clock on my mantle that my mom gifted me with. It hasn’t worked for ages. Typical witchypoo clock behaviour. I heard a new sound in the room, and it was the clock, ticking. I asked Ass Burger Boy if he had fixed it. He said he hadn’t even touched it.

So, if the clocks stopping are a remembering, what means it when a clock out of the blue just starts working again? Hope it isn’t a forgetting. Man, I need all the brain cells I can get.

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17 Responses to “Time”

Memarie Lane Says:

okay, maybe you can tell me what’s going on with our clock. my mom gave brad a clock for christmas three years ago. at first it worked fine. about a year ago it started ating wanky so we changed the battery, but it has continued acting wanky. it doesn’t stop, but just runs slower and slower. at first we would just reset it, but we’ve given up. it’s now about four hours behind. it’s a nice clock so we don’t want to get rid of it. is it just a lemon, or could there be something ~else~ going on?

btw my commentluv keeps deactivating itself. any idea why it would do that?

Memarie Lanes last blog post..It’s THAT time again!

Jenny Says:

Well, that’s just weird! A forgetting. Bummer.

Jennys last blog post..Change of Plans

lceel Says:

I forgot.

lceels last blog post..Something eerie this way comes ….

zoe Says:

maybe it’s a reminder. do you remember what you didn’t want to forget?

zoes last blog post..Must Know Monday: To Be or not to Be

Joie at Canned Laughter Says:

I have bad electrical ju-ju, too. Nobody goes through small appliances as fast as I do. Watches? Forget it. I just use the clock on my cell phone because I kill watches on my body within a week. But my aura? Gawrjuss.

Joie at Canned Laughters last blog post..Busy As A Bee Give Away

old knudsen Says:

There is a place on the wall of my kitchen that kills clocks. I go from needing a watch on my wrist to forgetting about them but I don’t harm them. Also I feel like I’ve got power to burn but don’t know how to apply it maybe I’ll remember at 11.11 or maybe it just adds up to the day on which I was spewed into the world.

old knudsens last blog post..Peace My Arse

Theresa Says:

I was thinking the same thing before I read the last paragraph. Bummer.

Theresas last blog post..Thursday Thirteen… on turning 30

Krissa Says:

You know, my mother is the same way about watches stopping working while she wears them. But, she has never had any trouble with the other clocks in the house.
Whatever it is you’ve got it in spades and if they start working again I choose to think that it’s a good thing. Let’s all think it together and make it so. ;-)

Krissas last blog post..White trash extraordinaire.

Ree Says:

I always wake up at 5:27. I think my DNA is screwy.

Rees last blog post..The One Where I Learn to Read Labels

Talina Says:

Well that is indeed just odd. It could be just another type of remembering… Your wicked energy is cool!

Talinas last blog post..Trying to have a home birth in Evansville, Indiana…

teeni Says:

LOL @ “forgettings.” I don’t need any mechanical device to tell me I’m forgetting things. Freaky about all your clocks and watches not working for you. I’ve heard things about energy fields that some people have though and things just don’t work right around them. So maybe your energy field is shifting or changing? I doubt either of those is a bad thing though. Especially if you’ll be able to tell time in your own home again. ;)

Nan Says:

I send ‘em backwards. Watches, anyway. I never noticed if they stop at a specific time! Clocks seem to be okay if they aren’t too close to me. Up on the kitchen wall is fine. Bedside table, not so good. Sean always said it was my fault the Pardon-My-French car was such a lemon though, he said I totally messed up the sensitive computerized electrical whatnots just by sitting in the car! He was probably right, the Pardon-My-French electricians were baffled. My new car, Lola Corolla, is a BASIC Japanese no-frills automobile. It’s fine.

Nans last blog post..Thursday… Um… Friday Thirteen!

Talina Says:

I just thought, you might be a magnetic woman. That could be the problem with your clocks… Hmm..

Dumb I know!

Talinas last blog post..Trying to have a home birth in Evansville, Indiana…

Calamity Says:

the Godsband has that problem with watches. Pocket watches work well tho…For awhile. Thats just strange about the clock tho!

Calamitys last blog post..Breeze cat litter system

warriorwoman Says:

You are unconventionally funny.

warriorwomans last blog post..needed

Cat Says:

I’ve heard people recently complaining that their alarm clocks automatically fell back last weekend, but since DST changed this year, it was one week early. But watches and clocks that disobey entirely? That would freak me out!!

Cats last blog post..What You Wish For…

Slacker Says:

[...] clock stopped again, at the same freaking time it had stopped the last time. No, it wasn’t 11:11, it was [...]