April 28th, 2008

All of the commenters here have quite a wit, but I choose to highlight a very few of them each week, just to tease those who don’t click over from their readers. All that hunting, choosing, copying and pasting has me all worn out, but I do it because I loves you.

From Dizzee

Memarie Lane admits:

My friend Jeanine and I used to tie up her little brother when we were supposed to be watching him. Apparently he holds us no grudge. I wonder if he has a bondage fetish now?

The Diva adds:

One time my older brother and i threw our younger brother down the stairs in a suitcase. We were a little “Lord of the Flies” out on the farm.

Knudsey observes:

Yep siblings are right bastards, also the youngest I suffered more mental abuse than anything, as I got older I realised I just didn’t like my siblings but now understand their need to put me doon on an everyday basis it wasn’t me it was their issues about me and now I forgive them not that they think there is anything to forgive and only remember what I said to hurt them (in defense but they never remember that) they did hone my sarcastic wit thus allowing me to win the peep twice so I guess God had a reason for it.

From Boobies for Skinny Bitch

Marie in Maine recounts:

Great story, I wonder what the old ladies told everyone when they got home. Why do Scots wear kilts? Cuz the sheep can hear a zipper a mile away.

Nan confesses:

*looking sad* No-one wants hangy down boobies? All you people can go on about is “bigger, smaller,” and not ONCE have I heard “Oooh, I want hangy-down boobies so I will always know where my pencil is”.

Lou Ceel takes the high road:

I will gladly volunteer to fill in, at any time, as an ad hoc boob job inspector/texture assessor. Given my many years of experience in the field, I feel it’s only right and proper for me to offer my expertise in this, a critical area for the proper maintenance of self esteem in young and otherwise flat-chested women. I only ask expenses. Properly approached, I might even bear the expenses myself.

The winner is Lou Ceel

Gotta love those uncles and their inappropriate stories. I think everyone has one. I know my nieces and nephews do.

This puppy is yours, Lou.

Now go forth and be witty. And vote for me. And send good vibes. Tomorrow is boobie sandwich* day.


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15 Responses to “This Week in Comments”

iamthediva Says:

boobie sandwhich day??
What does that taste like?

Jenny Says:

If you take cheese and mayonnaise do they give you a discount?

Mayonnaise gonna hurt when you’re done.

Jenny’s last blog post..Oh Man… This is Gonna Hurt

Jenny Says:

Where are my manners? Congrats Lou on your Peep!

Jenny’s last blog post..Oh Man… This is Gonna Hurt

lceel Says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. No applause – just money. Well, in THAT case (because I heard you, even from here) a little love, kindness and understanding would be nice.

Boobie sandwich .. is that the one where I get to suck on both nipples at the same time? (which is GLORIOUS, I might add – and NO, I don’t mean two women, although that WOULD be nice, too) Or is it the one where I get one nipple in one ear and the other nipple in the other ear? (which CAN make it REALLY hard to breathe, because your nose is buried, and like any talented man who can breathe through his ears – think about that – your alternative air supply is cut off).

lceel’s last blog post..I can’t make up my mind

lceel Says:

OOOOO, where are MY manners? Thank you, Jenny.

lceel’s last blog post..I can’t make up my mind

Talina Says:

Wow, never a dull moment huh? LOL

Talina’s last blog post..My garden teaches me a lesson about life.

Old Knudsen 2 Times award winning commenter Says:

I would like to thank ‘not now Lceel I’m making a speech’ all those who have made my win of this my third ‘ what is it Lceel I already paid you back that money?’ peep the most incredi ‘ what? I didn’t win?’ crap I’ll save my speech for next week I suppose and why isn’t it called the Knudsen Peep award? have I changed? ach you’d all just say no anyway yer just after me fame and money, leeches the lot of you I’m off to rehab………. again.

Old Knudsen 2 Times award winning commenter’s last blog post..Global Warming Ate My Hamster

ALF Says:

Blog comments are the best. I heart them. Does that make me sad?

ALF’s last blog post..Sorry, The Oven Mits Really Freaked Me Out

B'dum B'dum Says:

this comment compilation thing is a great idea.

memarie lane’s is my fave.

B’dum B’dum’s last blog post..Negative Boredom

Marie in Maine Says:

Boobie sandwich reminds me of the uni-boob look I get when I’m wearing a sports bra. And it feels so good to get that thing off!

You will share your recipe with us, won’t you? I’m betting my husband would love a boobie sandwich!

Marie in Maine’s last blog post..Attention PUA’s – Your Opinions, Please

witchypoo Says:

You all do understand that by boobie sandwich, I mean mammogram, don’t you?
And ALF, I consider the comments to be the best part of my blog. Sometimes, I pee a little.

Marie in Maine Says:

I do now! I did not know that boobie sandwich was a euphemism for mammogram! Went right over my head!

Marie in Maine’s last blog post..Attention PUA’s – Your Opinions, Please

moo Says:

OK, I’ll admit it. This got me in from my feeder.

Too funny! What a great idea!

moo’s last blog post..photo challenge, one & water

lceel Says:

Oh, crap. NOW you tell me.

lceel’s last blog post..introspection – why I blog

zoe Says:

should we let knudsen know that sarcasm is really latent anger?

zoe’s last blog post..Back Off