August 23rd, 2008

Warrior Woman has declared the rocks I have casually displayed atop my television set to be a hoo-hoo.

I consider it natural art, that just happens to suggest what the viewer will make of it.

You can decide.

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24 Responses to “The Vagina Rocks”

Nan Says:

I AM THE FIRST COMMENTER! Do I get a prize? Vaginas do rock, thank you very much. They are our friends, and anything that reminds one of a vagina has to be a powerful symbol of wonderfulness. If you can’t get stuff done with your vagina, however, you might try slamming a few doors and going “OUT!” My advice is free, ladies.

Just Beachy Says:

Nice. Very Nice. You have a natural talent.

Just Beachys last blog post..Preparedness

Nan Says:

Though, actually, the rocks more remind me of other sexy bits: the backs of knees? Shoulders? With a red pimento pepper. Why, I don’t know.

Nans last blog post..Bliss Is A Cat In My Lap

Memarie Lane Says:

Looks more like a nasty hemorrhoid to me.

teeni Says:

It definitely gives new meaning to the Diva’s Rock Chick toy! LOL.

Marie in Maine Says:

Reminds me of a dog’s wiener, you know how they look just before they come up and try to hump your leg? Like that.

Marie in Maines last blog post..Looking for great takeout food?

lceel Says:

That is one BIG clit.

lceels last blog post..Now I’ve done it

Monica Says:

You are so creative! Go Vagina!


Monicas last blog post..Award! – BFF Gold Card

Krissa Says:

I just wanna see the accompanying peter that goes along with it…. wow.

Krissas last blog post..Now, if I could only break the mold…

Jenny Says:

hahahaha!!! I’m with Marie of Maine… dog wiener. As opposed to a wiener dog?!? But I, too, would like to see the accompanying peter that would go with it…if it were a vagina!

Hey… I’m sending Dr Voodoo to your purple plate site! She treated my dog for several years and couldn’t fix his severe limp, and is now all kinds of intrigued with how the purple plate on his collar “healed” him and he no longer needs ACL surgery. I also have a story about how it “fixed” a friend’s dog who had seizures 10-15 times a week. IMMEDIATELY after putting the purple disk on his collar he had ZERO seizures. ZERO.

Jennys last blog post..In Other News

Karen Says:

Yep, looks like a dog weiner to me, too.

Karens last blog post..Cabbage and Smoked Sausage

christy Says:

All I know….I want to take the red rock out and smash it with the smaller rock.

Because it doesn’t look like a rock.

But if it was MY little red rock, I’d put it away safely, separate from the normal rocks.

(I had a box of things found in the ground that were different looking as a child. Compulsion, you might say….)

christys last blog post..Saturday night video

Jacki Says:

I agree with Marie. Looks like a hemorrhoid.

Jackis last blog post..Reason #8 why I don’t do drugs

warriorwoman Says:

That’s not fair, you took the picture from the wrong angle.
From where I usually sit on the sofa, at that angle, it looks like a freaking hoo hoo.
Seriously, people, it does.

And I nominate Nan for commenter of the week. Thanks for the laugh.

warriorwomans last blog post..shitstorm

Andy Bailey Says:

I saw your last blog post and came here expecting some sort of new genital guitar!

Andy Baileys last blog post..Another coding frenzy successfully finished

Loralee Says:

Dude, I only WRITE about my hoo-hoo online, I don’t have a visual aid sitting on my television.

I am so unworthy.

Loralees last blog post..I feel like a horrible mother today.

Ree Says:

Wait – did you paint that thing red or what?

Rees last blog post..Search me?!?

The Over-Thinker Says:

Yup. It’s a hoo-hoo. With maybe a side of ding-dong :)

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..Hey! Look over there! A post!

Heidi Says:

It does have a certain vagina flair to it. I don’t even have to be drunk or squinting to see it.

Heidis last blog post..a letter to my much younger self

Maddy Says:

I think I’d vote for natural art too.

Maddys last blog post..Knock, knock, knock – Magic Marker Monday

Jane Says:

Your rocks ROCK! Art is so subjective. If it makes you happy, that’s all that counts!!!!!

We Have Comments Says:

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guitnut Says:

Now, is it me or have I not seen many vaginas in my life but I can agree that vagina do rock.

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