June 24th, 2009

I’ll be leaving early Thursday morning en route to Skinny Bitch’s city. I’m travelling much lighter than I usually do because of the nerve irritation in my neck. I’m not supposed to lift much.

So I got me a toy computer to record my sound files on, and since it has a wireless card that is speedy, I can upload them to the server. Built in mic and webcam, so less to lug around. It fits in a normal sized purse. It’s kind of the Bic of computers. It was so cheap I wasn’t about to shell out an extra $80 for two more years factory warranty. Bic.

Of course, it takes forever to bookmark sites and type in old passwords to web admin sites. Luckily for me, I had the good sense to write them down in my little six ring binder that also serves as a mobile datebook. The only way the data will be lost on the datebook is if I can no longer decipher my scribbles. Or if there is a flood or fire. Still, flood or fire will so scroo an electronic keeper of information.

Ass Burger Boy is ecstatic and has already transferred all of my data off the clunky big laptop, which he has dubbed ‘his precious’ and promptly taken to work with him. I don’t think he’ll miss me.

Of course, I will be staying with Skinny Bitch. Any time I go to her city, it’s a given I will stay with her. I desperately need to laugh my self silly, tears streaming down my face, maybe even peeing a little. Now that we don’t have torture to plot for the now ex Mr. SB, we will have to find other ways to amuse our bad selves.

I may or may not get kidnapped after the show.

There will only be internet access at the venue, where I’ll probably be busy with work. With any luck at all. I may be tweeting like a dirty little bird, but probably won\t be posting here while I’m gone. I linked this post heavily to give you something to catch up on while I’m away.

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7 Responses to “The Toy Computer Hits The Road”

iamthediva Says:

you didn’t schedule any guest posts while you’re gone!?

haha, i should talk.
iamthediva´s last blog ..creative prompts prompt me to be creative. My ComLuv Profile

iamthediva Says:

would definately consider guest posting for you!
iamthediva´s last blog ..creative prompts prompt me to be creative. My ComLuv Profile

Krissa Says:

Well, I think having iamthediva do a guest post for you is an excellent idea.
ABB may not miss you, but I will. I hope you and SB have a great time and cry your eyes out… and I mean that in the best possible way! ;-)
Krissa´s last blog ..All. In. One. Paragraph. My ComLuv Profile

Nan Says:

We’ll miss you, but I’ve been such a sporadic poster that I can’t complain too much. Mum just spent four days in Florida with HER laugh-till-you-pee friend, and they are both rejuvenated. So I’m glad you are going!
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Coast Rat Says:

Have a good time, Witchy. Hope the trip isn’t too stressful on you… Catch you later!
Coast Rat´s last blog ..Saturday Fun at the NOLA Creole Tomato Festival in the French Quarter My ComLuv Profile

Hyphen Mama Says:

Have fun!! Sorry I missed the bon voyage party! (why does wordpress want to change bon voyage to bondage? Well, have fun at the bondage party!)

I really REALLY hope your Acer doesn’t suck as bad as my Acer Extensa. I HATE it.

vigge_sWe Says:

Heh, I would just buy a cell phone with HSDPA internet xD, much easier than bringing a laptop, longer battery time too
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