June 5th, 2008

Back in the day when Torch, the Big V, and I were inseparable, we used to hang out with a rather scruffy looking friend. He was hard to look at, but extremely witty, and we often laughed so hard our eyes were closed and streaming with tears, so it hardly mattered.

He had a truck that was just as hard to look at as he was. It had rust holding it together (sort of), but you had to be very careful if you were attempting to get into the back portion, because the fenders and sides were particularly unstable.

We dubbed it “The Crummy Old Truck” and we loved to go places in it. It was probably the shock value of seeing so many cute young women parading around in a crummy old truck with an equally repulsive looking driver. And sometimes, we would encourage him to verbally abuse us in crowds, just to see the looks on people’s faces. I could say our excuse was we didn’t get out much, but we were out all the time.

When the Queen Mother visited our city, I began to practice my “Queen Mother Wave”. Sitting on a chair in the back of the crummy old truck. While being driven around downtown. Waving to my people.Torch and the Big V have called me “The Queen” ever since.

It was particularly funny when the Big V wrote a newsletter from England, and inserted a page celebrating my impending visit. I quote:

Are you becoming a nervous wreck over the Queen’s arrival? Don’t!

Throw all your fancy clothes in the closet and dig out your rags. As illustrated in the photo below, The Queen is a casual dresser.


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Kristabella Says:


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iamthediva Says:

is it your birthday!?!?

if it is, i hope you’re celebrating!!

Also, i got my purple disk in the mail… i wear it in my bra! WOO! still got the heartburn, but day i got it – i had a headache, and it went away!!

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Old 'I thought you were dead' Knudsen Says:

Its yer birthday today? I did ask you when it was ha! now i know. I’d send you a present but i don’t do giving presents I’m a taker not a giver.
You were a wild one back in the day, when I was that age I was doon pit or digging ditches to support a family of 10.
I hardly knew the family but they threatened to break my legs if I didn’t do it. I suppose being called a Queen is better than being called a mother.

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Old 'I thought you were dead' Knudsen Says:

Oh and a happy birthday………….another year closer to death.

Old ‘I thought you were dead’ Knudsens last blog post..Friends Beg Sienna To Enter Rehab

Talina Says:

So, eh where is the party and booze? I heard it was your bday!

Why aren’t you blogging about your day?

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christy Says:

Happy B-day!

You look so pretty! (That is you, right?)

Reminds me of a Virginia Slims commercial….”You’ve come a long way, baby…”

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The Over-Thinker Says:

I can’t believe Christy beat me to it!! I was going to comment that you looked like some hot babe out of a cigarette ad! Whoo hoo, Witchy!!

(ABB–go take your mum out to eat. Yes, you can send me the bill.)


P.S. I’ve posted about you today on my bloggity blog! thing.

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Coast Rat Says:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WITCHY!! Most of the good ones are ‘Gems’ (Geminis,that is) like me next Monday.

Is that a little ‘toddy’ the Queen has?


Angella Says:

Holy hotness, Batman!

And how does everyone else know it’s your birthday? I think I need to cut back my Diet Coke consumption.

Happy Birthday!!

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witchypoo Says:

Thanks all for the birthday wishes. I blame Facebook. And Hotfessional. The party and the booze were on the road trip where I was captured coming out of a Mickey Dee’s with mixer for my rum. The Big V was driving. We switched roles on the way back. The disheveled jeans were an old pair left behind by an ex boyfriend. We weren’t doing laundry on a road trip at that point, and we left spontaneously, without packing. I figure I did enough partying back then to last me the rest of my life!

kailani Says:

Happy Belated Birthday!

Big V sounds like the kind of friend everybody needs!

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warriorwoman Says:


You’re older than dirt now, and like all real-estate, you appreciate with age. You’re not closer to the grave, you’re more valuable now than you ever were.

I’m glad to know you. You look hot in that picture by the way, good to see that you haven’t changed much since then.

And great story.

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Memarie Lane Says:

Well don’t you look all swishy and carefree. Happy birthday your majesty!

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Veronica Says:

Okay, so it was your birthday yesterday. But Happy Birthday anyway!

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Ree Says:

What a cutie. ;-)

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Minnesota Matron Says:

Witchy, Witchy! May you look every bit as hot (in an age appropriate way) and full of LIFE as you do in this beautiful photo. All spirit.

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Jenny Says:

Happy Birthday!!!

I’m having trouble thinking “Witchypoo” when I see that gorgeous woman in the picture. She’s not very witchy. And she doesn’t look very geekish, either.

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Myst Says:

Happy Birthday to YOU!


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Goddess in the Groove Says:

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag!!!


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frogpondsrock Says:

Happy Happy Happy Birthday YAY…

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liddle sister Says:

How old are you in that pic Sis….man I have never seen so many pictures of you when you were young, you really should have been a model, wowza! I hope you had a nice Birthday :) Love you

mp Says:


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teeni Says:

Wow – I love the little hottie in the cute-yet-sexy shirt! This is the first pic I’ve seen of you with darker hair I think.

I’m so sorry I’m late getting here but I hope you had a very happy birthday, Witchypoo, and I hope this will be a wonderful year full of great days for you. :) Birthday hugs to you!

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Mylifeasmomma Says:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you celebrated with some cold refreshments and pizza! WOO WOO! Look at the hottie in that picture!!!