March 19th, 2009

Inspiration. It comes to me from yarning while guzzling delicately sipping on a lovely red wine with friends. I keep a notebook beside me to jot blog post ideas on it.

Note the elegant wine stains. I’m all about the class.

I print the really good ones so I can read them the next day. My handwriting? Not so easy to decipher. Most of these ideas came from stories I told Warrior Woman. Oh, how we laughed at the time!

I just noticed that none of them are about poop or even farts. Well, technically, pussyfarts are about farts. They just aren’t the first thing you think of when you think of farts.

I sometimes wonder if I’m actually an 8 year old boy child. Heh.

Anything there you want to read about?

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13 Responses to “The Notebook”

lceel Says:

Pussyfarts!!! I vote for pussyfarts. (Mainly because I really don’t want to know why you haven’t had sex.)

lceels last blog post..Sounds of Silence

Talina Says:

Pussyfarts!! Man those are funny and a great mood killer. Don’t ask!

Talinas last blog post..Hump day is kicking my butt!! All I want to do is sleep.

Karen Says:

how you got pregnant? Is there more than one way? but then you did have that other one about why you have not had sex. Hmmmmmm……

Karens last blog post..Rescued From Boredom!

Linda Says:

Would you believe there’s a name for them. They’re called Quieff’s. Or vart, which I think if funnier.

No really! Check it out!

Lindas last blog post..What I did on my surgery vacation

Krissa Says:

HA! I just had a discussion with Lisa the other day about how certain farts, when rerouted up the front, through the pussy area are semi sexually gratifying. If you eat enough beans at least. ;-)

Krissas last blog post..Picture Purge #2

Little Apple Says:

I always called them queefs and they’re a special gift only women get to enjoy. I didn’t know people actually talked about them.

Little Apples last blog post..Happy Not Yet 4th Birthday

iamthediva Says:

hm, pussyfarts for sure, but i’m also interested in Lebanese grapes and how you got knocked up

i love seeing other people’s handwriting, and the wine adds a certain charm :)

iamthedivas last blog post..Calvin Klein – GIVEAWAY!! That’s right, free stuff.

Angella Says:

Queefs are always good for a giggle…

Angellas last blog post..Annoying Things You Do

Coast Rat Says:

Are you fighting with your guides? How many do you have? This topic is probably a better one to comment on rather than some of your other notations on the list.

Coast Rats last blog post..2009 – Week #3: Mississippi Gulf Coast Blue Bird Trail Update

zoe Says:

i can’t see the pics but it is obvious that i am missing something awesome by the comments. did you do a guy with a pump??? i’ve always wondered about that….is that wrong?

warriorwoman Says:

I’ve pretty much heard them all already. Drinking wine with you is kind of like living in the authors head.

But I laughed hardest at the How I Got Pregnant story.
Maybe you could share this with the rest of the world.

warriorwomans last blog post..crazy lives here

teeni Says:

Definitely how you got pregnant. There has to be a good story there. ;) I keep a notebook with my post ideas in it too. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I think mine needs more wine stains though.

teenis last blog post..Just Passing Through…