December 18th, 2007

If you’re not up on Skinny Bitch, you need to go for an introduction and for a follow-up

She’s totally worth it.

SB is not somebody you want as an enemy. She remembers wrong doings for a long, long time. Even unintentional ones. Her poor husband. He suffered through her pregnancy. Why? Because SB suffered through her pregnancy. This woman is tiny, not just skinny. There is not much room for a baby in her tiny body. She found it very hard to breathe at night, and could only breathe a little when she slept sitting up.

All the while that SB is throwing menacing thoughts of “You did this to me!” to Mr. SB, she is begrudging him his easy slumber and breathing. Sometimes she would wake him up and accuse him of taking two breaths. Two! The nerve!

When she told me about this, she acknowledged that she had a few scores to settle with Mr. SB, but she couldn’t really enjoy the torture she put him through because she was so miserable herself.

This is when the diabolical scheme was hatched. She decided that when she went through menopause, she would most likely be too miserable to enjoy Mr. SB’s torture. Yes, it appears that my very presence will trigger hateful schemes against your loved ones. I guess everybody has a talent. Who knew?

Her plan is to fake her menopause before she actually goes through menopause. That way, he will suffer twice, and she will be able to enjoy his suffering at least once.

I’m so grateful I haven’t gotten on her bad side. She’s scary that way.

For all those who are feeling sorry for Mr. SB, he is a gorgeous, hard-working man who is so besotted by their daughter that he believes every word that comes out of her teenage mouth. He overruled SB on matters of the daughter’s Dirtbag Boyfriend. For that, fake menopause is getting off easy.

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14 Responses to “The ingenious plot of Skinny Bitch to torture her husband.”

josey Says:

teeheehee, poor Mr SB. ;D SB sounds like a riot!! i think what makes me laugh even more is your reactions to her OC and SB-ness! hehe! but i mean come on, one HAS to have a heart of gold to adopt a hhhhandsome doggie like Henry =)

the only thing that scares me, is that i dont think ive ever met any woman who’d WANT to go thru menopause once–real or NOT–let alone twice!! she is definitely a punisher! LOL!!!

witchypoo sez: She is a treat, really, with a heart of gold, but she has a loooong memory if she feels she has been done wrong. We who love her live in fear ;)

Andy Bailey Says:

OMG, does MR SB have any bunnies? I think they are for the boiling pot!

Andy Bailey’s last blog post..Dear Santa‚Ķ my I DO NOT WANT list

zoe Says:

hmmm. i wish i was more patient. i like my revenge quick…

zoe’s last blog post..TT:Get er done

Val Says:

I love her…..I love her because of the ugly dog she bought…I will never forget that story. No matter what, she’s a gem.

Val’s last blog post..Afterward…..

Loralee Says:

You had me at “Faking menopause”.

Loralee’s last blog post..Sideblog: Need a publicist?

Just Beachy Says:

Isn’t that what PMS is for?

Just Beachy’s last blog post..Enjoy The Season

Baby Advice Says:

Wow I would be happy on not on her bad side too! Her hubby sounds like he is in for it!

Jenny Says:

I thought Henry WAS how she was torturing Mr SB.

Jenny’s last blog post..Out of the Mouths of Babes

Ree Says:

Poor Mr. SB – Mr. Hot can attest it’s no fun one time, what with the periods every 7 days. And PMS pretty much constant. And the hotflashes haven’t even started yet!

Ree’s last blog post..Amsterdam 2005

kailani Says:

Poor Mr. SB. He doesn’t stand a chance.

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Mommi Tutu Says:

Oh my . .. sounds like my kind of girl :) tee hee!

Thanks for the advice BTW . . .K-girl almost has that move perfected . . she calls it “The Drive-by”. I’m gonna have to practice.

Mommi Tutu’s last blog post..This Just Takes The Cake

Seeds For Wealth Says:

SB needs to get out quick.

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Camping Says:

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Heartstopper’s Academy Award Performance Says:

[...] went back to jail and Heartstopper went back to normal. Mr. SB didn’t change a bit. She has plans for revenge about [...]