January 30th, 2008

Neil Kramer, over at Citizen of the Month, came up with a cool way to meet fellow bloggers. It’s called The Great Interview Experiment and is getting quite a following.

I was interviewed by Blackbird, and felt very fortunate. The following are her questions and my answers.

Would you consider yourself superstitious?

Not really. My grampie was extremely superstitious, though, and I would taunt him when I was a child. One cold day in February, I teased him by putting an umbrella up while in the house. He was horrified, and that day, I fell through the ice on the lake. I tried to sneak back into the house without him seeing me.

The only other superstitious behaviour I have is “Step on a crack,you break your mother’s back”. She died almost three years ago, and I still hear her making fun of me about it.

In your work as a reader/healer, how is information presented to you?
Do you hear it? See things?

I often “feel things” in a physical manner, If you have neck pain, I feel it as if it were my own. That is the first clue that I have a good connection. Then I utilize my clairvoyance to see things. Clairsentience seems to bundle itself with clairvoyance. I seem to know what the images I get mean. In a tarot reading, the images are usually symbolic, so that before I look at the cards, I know what area of concern the question will be in. When I get more deeply into the reading, I can see surroundings if it is called for (remote viewing)

I’ve read a lot about Ass Burger Boy…do you see a great difference
in the way people deal with asperger kids now? Autism and Asperger’s
are written and spoken of so much more frequently now – I’m wondering
if you feel the public has shifted their perception.

When Ass Burger Boy was born, there was no information available. He wasn’t diagnosed until he was nine years old, although the pediatricians found him extremely interesting. Nowadays, there is a wealth of information, schools have programs designed for this type of disorder, and it cannot be ignored. My son had it rough, because we had to work with teams of doctors, educators, and counselors to design a program that would deliver the education he was entitled to. I found it discouraging, because dealing with education administrators to free up money for his education was frustrating. The school board I dealt with was later summarily fired because they were not doing their job properly. It gave me no satisfaction because I thought of all the others that their ignorance impacted negatively.

Do you believe in life after death? I would ask you this no matter
what you did for a living….

I certainly do! I communicate with spirits. I believe that the body is a vessel for the life force, and the essence of the entity is intact, but no longer using that particular body after death.

How did you start blogging? Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because, really? I’m easily amused. I like to tell stories, and I thought that people might be interested to hear the stories of a psychic who has a child with Asperger’s Syndrome. I found myself commenting on other people’s blogs, and noticed that most commenters had their own blogs. Since I have several websites, I just used a domain name I already had on an existing server and installed WordPress.

My main intention of blogging was to build a bridge between people like myself and those who consider me to be a Tool of Satan because of my profession.

I noticed that you have only had your psychic geek blog for a few
months – but in your archives you mention blogging several years ago
- discuss.

I did write a few short blogs many years ago, but that was before comments and interaction. I have several abandoned blogs out there from 1998-2005. I no longer have the URL’s, so they are floating somewhere in cyberspace. This blog is the most consistently attended to, to date.

Tell me more about ‘remote viewing.’

Remote viewing is all about intent. You close your eyes, get into an altered state, and ask spirit to take you where you need to be. There was a U.S Army operation (Stargate) that utilized this process at one time. They wanted to know things that spy planes couldn’t tell them. It was very successful, but is now shut down. I read The Stargate Chronicles by Joseph McMoneagle. It wasn’t quite the same as my experiences, but worked on the same prinicples.

If you could have any OTHER occupation, what would it be?

Geek. I graduated with honours from geek school. I worked hard for it, and found that the culture does not welcome older folk. Other than that, teacher. One of my guides is a teaching guide, and told me that I was to teach the teachers. I wasn’t shown exactly how to do that, but I believe that my Archangel Michael activations come close.

Is it difficult to shut off your mind? My psychic friend worked hard
to learn how to stop the information from overwhelming her – I guess
I’m wondering if this is a common issue.

I’m very aware of overload, and the need to have friends. I don’t want people to think I’m reading them all the time, so I set out my own rules. I only receive what I set out to receive, unless it is something very close and personal that fills me with dread. That doesn’t happen too often, thankfully. I make it a point to be as grounded as possible, and that helps. Every once in a while, the odd thing presents itself and cannot be ignored, but on the whole, I am pretty comfortable with the way I have separated my gift and my regular life.

I’m not sure I understand what the UFO sighting and your heightened
skills have to do with each other – can you explain?

I see the UFO incident as a trigger. Shortly after it happened, I began to have amazing spiritual experiences. The sighting was such a profound experience for me that I feel it brought these on. I guess you kind of had to be there to get it.

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25 Responses to “The Great Interview Experiment”

iamthediva Says:

great interview, i’m interested in the ufo story :D

witchypoo Says:

Diva: I wrote about it in two installments.

UFOs: Not just for wingnuts anymore
and UFO: the aftermath

ALF Says:

very interesting.

ALF’s last blog post..What’s Not To Like?

The Great Interview Experiment Says:

[...] post by Psychicgeek Post a [...]

teeni Says:

Oh, I love reading these interviews. I too will be going back and reading about the UFOs. Very interesting stuff.

teeni’s last blog post..Rice and Beans and Collard Greens

Ree Says:

I’m anxiously awaiting questions from my own interviewer!

Ree’s last blog post..Another Day When I Send You Away

Old Knudsen Says:

Boy does this look like a lot of work I interviewed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on my news blog a while back did you know his favourite colour is beige ? great stuff huh? so how much did you get paid for yer story? Oprah doesn’t pay her guests so I told her to clear off she wanted to know about my new book ‘The Secrete.’

Old Knudsen’s last blog post..Kickboxing Lawyer Causes Scene

witchypoo Says:

This project requires more of the interviewer than the interviewee.
I’m pretty sure that Blackbird read a lot of my old posts, luckily, I only started in November.
I’ve sent my questions and am eagerly awaiting her response. I’ll post it as soon as I get it.
I encourage anyone to get in on the project. You get to meet a new blogger through their back posts, and you get to ask them the things that perhaps their posts didn’t tell you.
Great fun!

Loralee Says:

Frankly, I am freaking terrified to interview my person.
TERRIFIED. She is very different from me…Very academic and I am just freaking about it all.

Yours turned out really well, though!

Loralee’s last blog post..Sideblog:I wish that I could say this foulness surprised me.

kaylee Says:

OH nice interview :)

kaylee’s last blog post..HUH?

Veronica Says:

I’m about to go read the UFO story now.

Thankyou for sharing, I do know that it is very interesting to read your blog. Plus? you tell stories so well.

Veronica’s last blog post..I Can Haz Kittens?

zoe Says:

i just signed up tonight. i’m a nosey parker so it should be fun. just curious does your ass hurt when we speak of amonte???

zoe’s last blog post..Chicken or Tuna?

cookiebitch Says:

GREAT interview! I learned more about you, and it was fun. Glad you participated :)

cookiebitch’s last blog post..DON’T FORGET TO READ THE LABEL

Jenny Says:

Yes…DOES your ass hurt when you speak about Amonte? I have wondered that myownself.
I liked this interview. She’s a very thorough interviewer. I can’t wait to see what you asked her and what her replies were.

Jenny’s last blog post..Meadow Muffins and Dog Dirt

Brian Says:

I’m not sure I really believe you – I’m open to the idea of it, who knows what is real and what isn’t…. but I really have to ask you to do one thing. In the quiet of your mind, when there is no audience listenning/reading, no people to impress, no need to justify your existance in this world beyond the process of living itself… do you still hear the call of the spirits?

marian Says:

You were so fortunate to get Blackbird to interview you! She did a great job. Fun to find your site. I had a similar UFO experience.

marian’s last blog post..bumper cars

marian Says:

You were so fortunate to get Blackbird to interview you! She did a great job. Fun to find your site. I had a similar UFO experience.

witchypoo Says:

Brian: I think you may be projecting your own needs for external validation onto me. I say this respectfully, because I was young once, too. At my age, I do not need external validation. I know who I am.
To answer the essence of your question :”Do you still hear the call of spirits?” I work with spirit guides, mostly healing guides. To acheive a good connection with them is entirely up to me, because they are always ready to help. All that is necessary is the altered state and intent. Short answer: yes.

witchypoo Says:

For those who are curious to know if my ass hurts when I think of Amonte: (Amonte is Zoe’s son) When I connect with him, my ass already hurts from a pre-existing condition.
(Thanks for allowing me to reveal this, I’m all about the sharing) I don’t know which is him and which is me. Thinking about someone, and connecting with them have slightly different processes. I don’t generally get bodily sensations when I just think of someone. That would be sensory overload. I will tell Zoe privately what other things I’m getting with Amonte.

witchypoo Says:

Jenny: I didn’t interview Blackbird. I interviewed the person who commented after me in the experiment. I sent the questions out a few days ago. I’m still waiting for the replies.

witchypoo Says:

Marian: Yes, I certainly was fortunate! I saw her name in the comments, and plunked mine down right quick!
I would love to hear about your UFO experience. Did you post about it? I couldn’t find your categories. Thank you for coming by, and commenting.

nan Says:


About 30? Years ago, my parents hiked into the bush with some friends, to camp on a beach where they had stayed many times. Some little kids ran on to the beach, and said that they had a question. My parents had known these kids and their folks years. They lived completely on the land, wore nothing, and certainly had never heard of UFOs. They had seen planes, boats and helicopters, of course.

These two kids asked my parents to tell them about the new kind of plane that they had seen. A huge orange ball had come down over the bay, and spent a long time taking up water into itself. The little boys had been fishing, and evening was approaching so they had started to pack up their fishing lines, but they were so filled with awe at this flying object that they hid behind some rocks. It was really late when they got home, and they were beaten for being late, and then AGAIN for telling lies.

They could not have made the story up, and Dad said they were very affected by the experience. I know both of them, though I haven’t seen them in years. They are amazing people, and still stay very far from society. The forest gives them everything they need.

Could your UFO have been taking water? You said it was on an island… Maybe behind the island, over the water?

I have seen plenty of stuff in the sky, and you are right about the way that they move… Impossible! Quantum stuff!

nan’s last blog post..excuse me while i collect my thoughts…

witchypoo Says:

Nan: I don’t know if it was taking water because it disappeared for about 10 minutes behind the treeline. It wasn’t a large island, so it is entirely possible that it was on the other side of it, rather than on it. My experience happened about 30 years ago, as well. Thanks for sharing!
I haven’t seen anything else in UFO lore about orange balls, so it is wonderful to have someone else experience a similar sighting.

Casdok Says:

An interesting interview!
A great idea.