February 20th, 2008

My doctor is an angel. Really. My sister told me about him many years ago, and the first time I saw him, I admit my confidence level was not high. He looked like a skinnier, less coordinated, more distracted Bill Gates. Uber geek.

One of the first few times I saw him, I was too sick to come to the office, and he made a house call. Yes, he deserves to be cuddled.

I just got off the phone with his receptionist, thinking I had best book an appointment now for that lump I recently discovered in my breast. It takes weeks to get in to see him because everybody wants to be his patient. He is so caring. I rush through my symptoms at visits because I know he has so many waiting for his time. I often feel sorry for him because he is so busy, and harried. He really wants to do his best and take his time with each and every patient.

His receptionist has been with him from the get go, and she knows her employer well. I expected it would take me about two weeks to get an appointment. She said for me to come in at 6:15pm today. I know he books his last appointment at 5:00 pm. It appears he is seeing extra acute situation patients at a steady clip today.

All I could say to the receptionist was “That poor man.”

Update: I’m in a domain name tournament and am so scrood! My domain name is up against one called “get paid to fart”. The only way I can pull this puppy out of my butt is with your help. I almost want to vote for get paid to fart my self, it’s so good. I won’t though, cuz I’m a winner! With your help. Please?

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23 Responses to “That Poor Man”

Marie Says:

That poor witchypoo! I recently found a great doctor myself. Why are they such a rare breed?

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witchypoo Says:

Marie: I suspect it’s because the good ones are snapped up mighty quickly. But don’t worry about poor witchypoo. I make it a policy not to worry unless I’m absolutely certain I have something to worry about. Knowledge is power.

Linda Says:

Oh dear. I hope you’re ok. Please let us know how it goes.

I had chemo/radiation last year for breast cancer.

Linda’s last blog post..Valentinesday part IV

cricket Says:

my doctor is the same way…well, except for the house call, that is truly awesome! it’s wonderful that he cares so much about his patients, but i too feel so badly for mine sometimes because he’s so overworked. on the other hand, it’s a bit creepy going to a doctor whose waiting room is always empty…. :) sending positive thoughts your way!

cricket’s last blog post..when good ideas take that wrong turn…

witchypoo Says:

Linda and Cricket Right now, it’s a lump. I will think of chemo and such if or when it becomes a necessity. I don’t even know what options I have because we don’t know what we are dealing with. A few years ago, I was rushed to mammography because of a lump, and it popped under compression. Then they all freaked out and whisked me to ultrasound. One step at a time. Frickin mammogram is gonna hurt this time. Lump is tender.

Angella Says:

Hope YOU are OK!

(I voted) :)

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Jenny Says:

Do your forces of healing allow you to heal yourself?

I only wish I could find such a fabulous doctor!!

Jenny’s last blog post..Candy. The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Ree Says:

Wait? a lump?

Ree’s last blog post..The Arrangement(s)

lceel Says:

Not being the owner of breasts myself, except for the flat, flabby, male variety (BTW, I AM aware that men can and do get breast cancer) I have always understood (but I don’t know this FOR SURE) breast cancer seldom manifests itself with ‘tender’ lumps. Tender, in this case, is a good thing, I think. At least I am hoping to high heaven that my memory serves me correctly. Be well, babe. Be well.

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bloggernoob Says:

witchy, i’m sure that lump is beneigh(wrong spelling) and even tho you don’t want to take too muc of his time, don’t rush thru your exams. it’s important.

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witchypoo Says:

Noob: My first thought is that it was an abcess. I will take as much time as I need, I don’t expect there will be anyone booked after me today. I think he will send me directly to mammography.

Old Knudsen award winning commenter Says:

So it may be a cyst that will pop like the other one. If only you knew a psychic healer or something. If I was a doctor and was told that a pair of tities needed to be handled I’d make the extra time too. I’m too upset and distracted to vote for you I hope you understand.

Only kidding of course I voted I know whats important to you.

Old Knudsen award winning commenter’s last blog post..Podgy Posties No Longer Discriminated Against

teeni Says:

Iceel is right about the tender lumps! It’s nice to see a well-informed male speak up about breast lump knowledge! I will be hoping and praying that it is nothing more than a harmless cyst.

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Just Beachy Says:

Wishing you good vibes tonight.

Just Beachy’s last blog post..Decisions

Veronica Says:

Thinking of you for the Dr app.

I wish I had a good Dr, I thought I had found one, until he was condescending about us TTC. *sigh*

Heading over to vote now!

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Veronica Says:

You’re winning the vote at the moment! 18-11

Veronica’s last blog post..File This Under TMI

black.pixie Says:

All the best. Do get back to us on how it went.

take care…

black.pixie’s last blog post..Better late than never …. NOT….

Scott Sheperd Says:

Let’s think cyst. What happened before might be a good sign. My wife used to get cysts a lot. One was a little firmer and they did a biopsy and it was nothing. Let’s keep a good thought. If you do get cysts cut out the caffeine. It really helped my wife. Best to you!!!

The Over-Thinker Says:

I am sending good vibes your way (via your url) :-) I hope you get positive news, xoxo.

I’m off to vote—maybe you could quickly change your name to, Witchypoo Farts for Free!

The Over-Thinker’s last blog post..I should Walk A-Way from the Technology and Go out an play with nature-y thingys.

talina Says:

Get paid to fart? Really??

I need to see the doctor also, yours sounds caring.. I need to find one like that!

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witchypoo Says:

Thanks for your well wishes. I really appreciate them. I really am not so worried about this lump, which is why I downplayed it, and the doctor seems to think it will be good if it pops under compression. He is more concerned about the digestive issues I have that are coupled with a delicate bottom system of late. I do know a few psychic healers heh, heh, but I want to know what I am dealing with first. I will update y’all when I have news. No worries.

nan Says:

Well, I THINK I voted? I clicked on all the right buttons… But watch this space! A friend has gone to the states this week and will be returning with WIRELESS ROUTER THINGIES! Real internet, here we come? And dude, I hope the lump is just a lump. Best wishes.

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zoe Says:

a good dr is hard to find. what did he say? i’m worried about you. get paid to fart? seriously my husband should have that job!

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