November 4th, 2008

To my dear, dear friends to the south of me:

I am praying that each of you will today brave those long voting lines and stand up and be counted. I pray that you will do so intelligently. I pray that you will want your country run by people who may even have your best interests at heart.

And you? Yes, you, the one who thinks Obama=Osama? You should not be allowed to reproduce, let alone vote. Of course none of you with that particular confused mindset reads my blog anyway.

Just vote. Take your country back. Allow yourself to feel respected when travelling abroad for what your country represents, and not just for your big tipping habits.

If you haven’t already done so, read about Straight Party Voting. Just to circumnavigate some dirty tricks built into the voting system.

Your friends and neighbours to the north of you are counting on you. Your country is counting on you.

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21 Responses to “Take Your Country Back!”

Ree Says:

Well said sweetie. Very well said. And thank you. I did…even though it meant getting out of my warm bed at 5:45 to get to the poll at 6. We were first in line, though!

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Take Your Country Back! | party x tutti Says:

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just beachy Says:

I Voted Friday – But not for Osama ;) <—- hahahaha… He lost me in his tv ad that said, our children deserve it, we deserve it. (sorry it was personal to me – I thought he should have said, we deserve it, our children deserve it — it was an education), well that, plus a bunch of other things he has said….

warriorwoman Says:

Well said and,

I vote for Obama.

warriorwomans last blog post..have an apple – one day I’ll rule the world

Jenny Says:

It’s truly unfortunate that neither candidate will do a whit that concerns anybody besides themselves and doesn’t grease the palm of themselves and their buddies. You were right when you commented on Hot’s blog that no matter how you stir it… it’s still the same pot of crap. Oh, there’s going to be change… just not in a good way.

Jennys last blog post..A Worthy Cause The MOST Worthy Cause

Jenn FL Says:

I will definitely be watching. I do have my opinions, but not being an American, I cannot vote. I always figured that you needed to pick the lesser of two evils. It is certainly going to be an interesting night.

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Ash Says:

You can betchyer bum I’m voting! I just have to drop off my mail in ballot. After work, school, homework, and then, on my way home…


Go Obama! No, really, truly, I’m absolutely vying for him!

Ashs last blog post..The Not-so-Art of Lucid Dreams

teeni Says:

Oh when will this day end?

Talina Says:

It is looking very promising and I am super hopeful. It is a magical, historical time. And it is totally time for change!

Talinas last blog post..Damn fleas and forgetfulness… Random musings.

Tracy - Hair Tools Says:

Hopefully everyone did get out and make there voice heard. That is what makes this country so great!!
It took me about 1.5 hours but it was not bad and I would do it again with no problems.

lceel Says:

Well, we’ve done it. And I have never been so proud of my country and my countrymen. America has finally grown up.

I had originally thought “Never in my lifetime.” I am so glad I was wrong.

The trick will be in realizing that it is not now time to sit back and gloat. We have done only the first part of the job. We all have to work toward our common goals – to stay involved in the process. That may be the harder part. If Obama can find a way to keep the American people focused on the process, we may, in fact, be able to change everything. Everything.

lceels last blog post..Election Day

christy Says:

I think I see two views of humanity here, maybe glass half full/half empty.

I voted Obama and I don’t think things HAVE to be more of the same. I don’t know why people say that, except to sound cynical or in-the-know.

All people are a mix of good and bad. McCain, Palin, Obama, me, you….

Things will never be perfect, but negativity won’t help.

I get no joy from McCain’s loss, btw. He seems like a fun guy, maybe more fun to party with than Obama. Maybe we’ll do that, now that he has some extra time on his hands….

Cat Says:

I am so proud of my country today.

Cats last blog post..Thank God, Because Canada is Fucking Cold

Talina Says:

We did it! Now it is time to get to work.

Talinas last blog post..Damn fleas and forgetfulness… Random musings.

Slick Says:

Well, I hate to feel like I let folks down so, yeah….I suited up and did my civic duty.

Canada owes me now?

Slicks last blog post..Your Voting Isn’t Done….

Theresa Says:

haha.. that was funny. The reproducing part. But if they didn’t reproduce, then you wouldn’t be able to make funny comments about them. And then your blog just wouldn’t be the same.

Minnesota Matron Says:

Yes, We Did!

Minnesota Matrons last blog post..Dear Dean Doe

The Over-Thinker Says:

I stood up and was counted. I chose wisely. And then I was choked up for the last 24 hours. I’m starting to re-think my exodus to Canada. Today I have hope.

(Shhh…don’t tell Witchy, but I was gonna live in her car.)

zoe Says:

i am so proud to be an american right now-for the first time in a long time. it was truly amazing to see truly amazing to see the reactions in other nations.

kailani Says:

I voted!

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