November 25th, 2008 | 7 Comments »

The fabulous commentluv contest was a winner all round. There was one winner on my site, but I earned the moniker Jammy Cow for bringing in six, count em, six prizes.

A lot of new readers came to my blog because of the contest. Some of them were generous with their stumbling as well. I hope that everyone who entered and participated in the contest found it as beneficial as I did.

I’m still working on getting Zoe’s blogspot site installed with commentluv. The problem is on the JS-Kit site. It will retrieve her comments, but fails to write them. I have been trying various things such as using the original blogger feed rather than the feedburner redirect, but so far, no joy. I’ve been waiting for JS-Kit to get back to me. It seems they were recoding the core all week.

I’ve also been playing with my site, upgrading Wordpress, upgrading my theme, and then pasting the modified CSS into the new theme so things look like my site. If you look at the original theme, you would see quite a difference.

All of this is because there is a bug in my wordpress theme code. Don’t worry, it isn’t catching. But this bug prevents me from altering my plugin settings, and I have been trying to find a workaround so I can use the fabulous new Twitter plugin from the equally fabulous Andy Bailey, who brought us the commentluv plugin and the contest.

For some reason, right now it only works for me on this post. Go over there and see if it works for you, will you? You’ll see it’s working if a little twitter bird shows up after your comment.

Thanks, Andy, for the great plugins and the great contest!

October 21st, 2008 | 14 Comments »

All my begging and pleading has paid off. I won my category in the blogger’s choice awards. The lovely Veronica alerted me to this.

I thought maybe I might get a brag badge or something. Because I won my category. So far, nothing, not even an email, but I did actually wade through all the categories and found I had won.

I feel so stoopid for all my begging for votes.

Update: No sooner than I had posted this, I checked my stats, something I haven’t done for a while, and noticed a link listing the winners and giving instructions to email for the badge. Stoopid times two. Der.

Live and learn, huh? My one year blogversary is coming up November first. I may repost something nobody but Jenny and Zoe and Life’s Just Beachy were around to see way back then.

Thank you folks for sticking around and being supportive, especially since I experienced crippling anxiety, and my posts disintegrated into drivel. The anxiety is improving somewhat, but I’m feeling like I can’t remember any good stories anymore, and my day to day life is so freaking boring that it isn’t worth writing about. I expect I will settle into a rhythm, and allow some creativity to flow at some point. I hope you don’t give up on me.

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January 9th, 2008 | 14 Comments »

I have a confession to make. There is more than one winner. Don’t hate me. I based the winner on who needed some hope right now, and then, I decided to let decide a consolation winner.

The consolation prize will be a mini-reading on my dime.

Winners, if you have Skype installed, I can record both sides of the conversation, and all the blood won’t drain out of my hand as I hold the phone. I have a great long distance plan, so cost is no consideration.

I will upload the sound file of the readings to one of my servers, and you can download it if you have Firefox in mp3 format.

The winnah is…drum roll please… Zoe. Her son is very ill and she is worried sick. I hope I can help a little.

For the consolation mini reading, picked Rae Jane

Let’s get our Skypes together and decide when is a good time for each of us for a reading.

People who entered the contest are as follows:

RaeJane What You Believe

Jenny Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me

Teeni Some Bad News and Some Good News

Josey Witchypoo Goes to Kalamazoo

Marie It is Decidedly So

Arizona I Want a Psychic Reading

Divine Miss Jen Bring Me Some Divine Intervention

Zoe mec-alec-ahi-meca-hiney-hoo

And, coming late to the party but who wrote a post anyway, is milkgoddess would you want a psychic reading?

I want to thank each of you for your entry. If I missed any, please smack me upside the header. This won’t be the last contest. This was the first contest.

Shameless self-promotion: Show me some freaking love. Go on, vote. You know you wanna. You have to register first, but you will make me very happy. Check your junk mail folder for the registration confirmation. Oh, and if it says voting is closed? It is for 2007, but this award is for 2008. Click the button to vote for me.

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