July 2nd, 2008 | 12 Comments »

My cousin, one of the twins, picked me up yesterday to visit with Grammie, and it was a treat and a half.

Grammie’s eyes lit up like Christmas when she saw me, and there were a few tears of happiness all around.

She is not falling anymore since her meds have been adjusted. She had had a stroke, and the medicos had blasted her with blood pressure meds so much that her BP was dangerously low. As a result, she had many falls because she was so dizzy when she stood up.

The geniuses only figured this out recently, and now she has been getting out of bed and walking with a walker. Still a little shaky from so much bed rest, and being tied to a geriatric chair.

She’s still full of spirit though, and although she hates the hospital (can’t blame her) she likes to shock the nurses by saying she broke her dink. (she broke her pelvis in a fall)

I think she will be able to go back very soon to the lovely place she was before she was admitted to hospital. The people who run it are wonderful, and they all love her. That makes them A-OK in my books.

I have had very little internet access since I wrote this, and I came home from being kidnapped into a camping adventure just now.

I booted up my home computer and it had a hard disk boot failure message. Oh, the woedness!

I got some pics of Skinny Bitch and Will-Yummy, but will not be able to upload them any time before Friday. Wait for the post. We all had fun!