October 27th, 2008 | 17 Comments »

Time. Weirdest thing about that. I have never had a watch that could keep time for me. First they go all out of whack, then they stop. Within three days.

I thought that perhaps a pendant watch might work because it is worn around the neck, but no. It just joined the club of watches that do not like me. Must be my wicked energy field.

There was a big deal about ten years ago regarding the 11:11 vibration, and it’s connectedness to the Archangel Michael. Just before my initiation into the energy of Michael, I had a clock stop at 11:11. The deal with 11:11 and it appearing on clocks is that it is a trigger to decode knowledge that is programmed into our DNA. I always called these events “rememberings”.

I have this dinner plate type clock on my mantle that my mom gifted me with. It hasn’t worked for ages. Typical witchypoo clock behaviour. I heard a new sound in the room, and it was the clock, ticking. I asked Ass Burger Boy if he had fixed it. He said he hadn’t even touched it.

So, if the clocks stopping are a remembering, what means it when a clock out of the blue just starts working again? Hope it isn’t a forgetting. Man, I need all the brain cells I can get.

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