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First thing I want to pimp is a Maine photographer, long time internet friend of mine:

Marie in Maine has been sharpening her shutter skills while gadding about in Maine. I love that she takes us with her on her travels here and there. I love this image of Wild Rose Lighthouse so much that you can enjoy it in puzzle form, right heah. (That’s Maine talk, ayup)

Create your own puzzles at!

Another thing that falls more under self-pimping is something I have slacked on lately. This is the last month of voting for the Blogger’s Choice Awards, and for some quirky reason, I want to win in my category of Freakiest Blogger. You have to register, but it’s painless, and you only have to register once to vote for whomever you wish. In other categories, durnit! See? I’ve made it easy for you. No need to mouse over to that pesky sidebar. Just click here. I love you long time.

My site was nominated for Freakiest Blogger!

More reasons to love you long time? Besides the fact that you are funny and smart, and pretty, and, my? Have you lost weight? Every time you click over from your reader, BlogHer records the hit for a tiny bit of revenue. So far, I’ve got my hosting fees covered, but it would be nice to actually make some money for the time I spend at my computer. With that in mind, I would like to re-introduce you to the mighty StumbleUpon.

I loves me a Stumble, I does. It brings traffic to my site. New people who may just read my particular post, or decide to subscribe and come back to see what I’m up to next. Each new person who clicks on the actual site brings me about 1/20 of a cent. Every time! I totally made that figure up, but you really need to have volume to get any real income from the ads. Some of my posts that I’m not totally ashamed of are these ones.

Handsome Henry

The Young Shaman


Blunk Drogging

You Can See Your Farts

Island Medicine

You could Stumble them. There’s a thingie (technical term) at the bottom of each post that says “Stumble It!”

Note: Sometimes, “Stumble It!” doesn’t show up, but the icon is still there. Work with me. My new job hasn’t kicked in yet.

Did I mention I would love you long time?

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Joe Pennant, an internet buddy since 1997 or so wrote the first blog I ever read. He still has it. He’s into mad photography these days, and tells his stories mostly in images.

He doesn’t comment much, but this is the best comment ever!

I lost a few things in the wordpress update. Or I think that is what did it. Some of my settings reverted back to a previous time, like my CSS changes, and my header instantly lost its hearts, not that they were anything to grieve.

What I do grieve is that people who were on my blogroll, suddenly are not. So, I am asking that you tell me in the comments of this post if you want to be on my rotating image blogroll.

Shortly after that, there will most likely be a bit of a site redesign. Yes, I will be going to a white background, unless you can convince me that it’s a bad idea.

Other than that? My brain just shut down. I blame the carbs.

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