September 23rd, 2008 | 32 Comments »

My first caller on the psychic hotline was a leetle strange.

Let’s just say he was somewhat “self-absorbed”, in a physical way.

And by that, I mean he wasn’t performing his marital duties. His duties were performed as a onesome.

It’s got me rethinking posting my image on the site. I wondered why so many readers used avatars or icons. The owner of the hotline said it was beneficial to use a real image, that people could relate better to it.

I’m thinking she didn’t have wankers in mind.

And? How smart is it to call a psychic hot line, which is cheaper than the sex lines, and no sex lines show up on your credit card bill?

Anyway, now I have waves of anxiety every time I log in.

And then I think of the financial hole I’m in from the tour, and get more waves of anxiety. I’d be biting my nails if it weren’t so disgusting.

Then, last night, Ass Burger Boy announced that he has given his computer away. I started to cry.

So, posting? Pretty much off my radar right now.


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