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When I see what search terms people use to find my site, I always copy them into a separate document, so you can all enjoy them too. It seems scatological topics dominate this time. I blame this post. Here are a few of the gems I came across.

sick ass farts: Would this be opposed to say, healthy ass farts? What exactly is a sick ass fart?
my fart wont last: All good things come to an end my dear. Move on now.
girl fart smellers: Is this person trying to find a girl fart smeller? Or trying to smell girly farts? They’re so vague in their terms.
fart thinker: This must be for the intellectual fart seekers.
how to see a fart: Ask the fart to appear to you. Don’t expect too much. They’re bashful about being seen.
girl fart in movie: I must have missed this one at the theatre.
i get horny when i fart: Lucky you. I bet it has a different effect on others.
fart initiation: Into what?? Adolescence?
fart inhaler: If you have asthma, I doubt you need this brand of inhaler.
girls farting right on guys: Are you the same guy that gets horny when you fart?
can farts make u money: Maybe girl farts in movies do?

fart bubbles: For those times when soap bubbles just won’t do.
people who can really fart: I’m sick and tired of all those bogus farters too. Posers!
fart punishment: How does one punish a fart? Bad fart! Go to the naughty chair.

toilets with poop in them : It’s not like you were expecting candy in toilets is it?
poop that u can see: As opposed to that pesky invisible poop?

how can i make him horny without touchin: Apparently from these search terms, there are many and surprising ways.

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