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This is where I send the newcomers back to Part One and Part Two Those of you with good memories, just rip this puppy up with your bad selves reading.

Now where was I? Oh, yes, the soon-to-be-deceased is down on the lower level of the barn, when he hears a noise on the upper level. What he hears is the opening noises of the huge door that is on the road level.

He goes up the stairs, they are rough hewn stairs. It’s cold, and the wind blows through the very large barn . I see through his eyes two men just inside the double doors. It is dark just outside the door.

The dirty old bugger recognizes the two men. He is enraged that they have come to his barn. They have parted on bad terms. The elder of the intruders was fired from the farm. The younger, a hanger-on, helped himself to some tools belonging to the old man, and the old man shakes his fist at the youngster, demanding his tools.

The younger man says he has a right to those tools after what the dirty old bugger did to him. The old man turns purple with rage, then he sees the gun in the kid’s hands. It is a 22 rifle, what I called a rabbit gun. He immediately turns and runs toward the lower level, and in fact, makes it down the stairs.

I break it off at this point. I know in my mind that I, myself, won’t get shot, but the emotional intensity is well, intense. That tends to ruin the detached observation in remote viewing.

I pick up later to follow the two, and am very puzzled that it is light outside. I can see the truck they pile into. It is an old, navy blue Ford pickup. It’s in pretty good shape, all shiny. I sketch it for the police. They say that the licence plate makes it impossible, because the initial letter “U” on the plate is the designation for antique vehicles. Neither of these two own such a vehicle. I say they must have use of one, because this is what they drive away in. I recognize the back roads they drive down, and the community they are going to. The police discount this entirely, because it does not fit into their understanding of the people involved.

They also tell me the reason it is daylight is not so much the amount of time lapsed, but rather that the dirty old bugger was shot just before dawn. That helped, because I was beginning to doubt myself for a bit.

I show the police the sketch I had made of the barn layout. They ask me if I would recognize it if I were to visit the scene. I absolutely would.

Now that the police have some confidence that I actually can see something, they reveal what it is they really want of me. They want me to pinpoint the location of the murder weapon. I’ve never done this, but I do explain that I need someone who would recognize the place I will describe, because it isn’t anywhere I have been before.

I describe the place, and am drawn to an outbuilding. There is a space under the floorboards, but it is accessed from the wall. The policemen are very excited. They already have information that this is the older guy’s hiding place, where he stashes his liquor so his mother won’t find it.

I tell them that it is imperative that they act very quickly, because he is antsy, and considering moving the weapon.

There are complications because these two policemen have me in a secret file that their superior officers will not ever see. They aren’t going to be able to get their search warrant on my say-so, because their superiors do not know about me. Even though I feel cheapened by this, I agree to meet them at the actual crime scene later for several reasons. I will go into these later.

Yes, there will be a part four. Don’t hate me. I told you that this is a long story.