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I have worked with the police exactly twice. I will not do so again. I now know why criminals confess. Police officers have major stamina, work very long hours, and do not offer any nourishment or breaks to those who are helping them for twelve hour stretches. Criminals, I’m sure, just get tired and want the police to leave them alone, so they confess.

Both occasions called for my clairvoyant abilities.

The first was to locate a dangerous offender who was unlawfully at large. I was shown a photo of the subject, and “visited” him.

What that really means is that I got a real sense of who he was. I felt him as a four year old child, who was locked in a dark closet. That was the time that he resolved not to fear, not to feel at all. Four years old. I volunteered that he most likely imprisoned his victims in a small, dark space. I was told that at least one was held in a trunk.

There was no prior knowledge by me of his background. I prefer to work cold. I then switched to looking through his eyes at the present time. I have no clue how I switch like that, except by intent. I said that I would need someone who had visited his house, to confirm that it was what I was describing.

I should note that I have occasionally gone outside and looked around when remote viewing, but it gives me a level of excitement and anxiety that is counter productive to the task at hand. One needs to be relaxed and somewhat detached.

So, I’m looking through the eyes of a young predator, and I describe his surroundings. I then sketch everything while it is still fresh in my tiny little brain. I describe exactly where in the house he is hiding, and draw an “X” to mark the spot.

I get the call from someone who lives nearby that a raid is imminent. They are also working with the police, in an observer capacity. I have practically a front row seat for the takedown.

One of the officers is a real hot dog. He reminds me of a hyperactive puppy, with big, dirty paws. A real keener. He didn’t instill a lot of confidence in me. I was nervous that his eagerness might blow everything, but he was fine.

The dogs are brought in, and the offender is ordered to come out if he doesn’t want the dog to hurt him. I believe the hot dog fondly referred to the attack dog as “Chewy” because he said that Chewy chews.

The offender, in cuffs, is brought out by the triumphant hot dog. Case closed.

Note: This was tricky for me to write. I wanted to make sure there were no identifying details because of people who were involved in the surveillance, and of course, for the safety of my own family members.

The second case will be more straight forward. There is nobody to protect in the second case.

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