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*snort* you know i LOVE all the boob talk. it’s right up my alley. but truely boobs are only feeding utensils and instruments to torture mindless men.

Warrior Woman

Ooooooohhh! I’ve been out-witty-commented. There’s always next week, my pretties……..


Wow – I just don’t know how you ever choose from all these potential award winning comments. I think I need to practice “giving good comment.” Your comments area is the unofficial training grounds. ;)

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Jenny says

Yeah, my kids will never know the times of fishing in the creek behind the house with an old bucket we found (stole?). Or spending countless hours incommunicado from the parents wandering hither and dither. I’m actually thinking of having a GPS chip implanted in their little heads.

And hey…just stay in the slow lane and I won’t run you off the road. =)


ahhhh the good ole days. we lived in a commune and i spent all my time outside. we did not have a tv. we ate what we grew. my kids would think it was pure hell.

Knudsey, of course, makes his own excellent point:

We are bombarded with so much money-making sensory crap

But still I love yer blog! I am in no shape or form a hippy but I have commonsense, when you sail on a wooden boat you don’t start tearing it up for firewood. I want to live in a well armed compound and it was 10 years ago I was noticing the milder winters, if mother earth decided to wipe humans off the earth I wouldn’t blame her one bit like parasites we are. Growing corn for fuel because it makes money, growing opium instead of crops because it makes money, people don’t deserve the earth.

Warrior Woman

I hung out in nature and got scared of spiders. I kill them all with Raid.

The trees are a witness to the events of time, they live a long time. Fire takes care of the witnesses.

Big business is the evil doer.

I like winter, it makes all the spiders go to sleep

And the award goes to: The Over Thinker

Holy crap—I broke a sweat doing that one.

Wait for it….wait for it….


(Old Knudsen, will you sing my national anthem when I’m wearing the gold?)

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The Perfect Post Award is one I admit that I have coveted. In the course of last month’s blog browsing, I came across this gem from Nan. The folks I submitted this post to agreed with me, and thus, Nan gets to proudly display this little treasure. My precioussss. Check it out. It’s really worth reading.


Of course, I have something for my regular commenters.

This week, I plan to rectify my bloggy buddy Zoe’s big lip at being left out for the last award. Whining can get you places. Ask anyone who has children.

um…i thought i was your bitch?

Yes, darlin, you are my bitch, and I shall decorate you with bling to prove it.

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I was feeling unwell and lazy yesterday, so your Peep of the Week award is a day late, and a dollar short.

This week’s award goes to Warrior Woman for her jaded but funny comment on Synchronicity

religion and sex. fuck up and confess.

religion is a man made institution, God is free.
but I can wrap him up in a scary package and sell him to you for $19.99 per month for 3 months. just use your credit card and call 1-800-I-saw-you-coming.

and then later I can have sex with you, whack you with my bible and tell you it was all your fault.

This Bloggy Blessing is sent to me from Kim

I would like to pass it on to Jen of Mommy Needs Five Minutes and Marie in Maine because her blog is new, and I always think of her at 11:11. which it is right now.

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