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Since today is my mom’s birthday, I wanted to make a puzzle with her in it. This one was taken when I was a wee tot. Note the size of her waist!

Create your own puzzles at PuzzleBee.com!

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December 11th, 2007 | 15 Comments »

Or, more precisely, who’s in the box?

You may remember my Grammie from this wicked picture

I had been going through homemade Christmas cards, hoping to find a design I could use on my banner, when I finally found the picture of my Grammie I had been looking for. I put it aside for much of the day because, people, I had some code issues.

Thanks to J at Life’s Just Beachy, I can switch out my masthead Any.Time.I.Want.To.

While we were exchanging screenshots, I got a call from one of the twin cousins, who had some upsetting news about Grammie. Grammie had just suffered a stroke, and was unresponsive in hospital.

Look carefully at this picture, please. Note the grin. This image was taken 11 years ago. Can you see what she is in?

Early this morning, between midnight and 1:00 am, I felt my anxiety replaced by peace.

I got a message from one of the twins this morning, saying that she was alert and responsive right about that time. Grammie is 95, and I know that she is ready to go now, but I will always want to visit her, to talk to her one more time. I’m so not ready.

I’m so thankful that prayers have been answered for this light of my life. Grammie won’t have to use her coffin yet for anything but storing spare linens.

There is a wonderful /backstory to this Gram and coffin thing, and I promise to tell it. Today, I am going to put my brain on hold for a bit.

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