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I haven’t been regularly saving my search strings lately. They are rather similar. Lots of searches for naked housework, and one that cracks me up because I’m sure it disappoints, is The Vagina Rocks. I get about 10 or so hits a day on that post. Here are some rather persistant search terms.

what do you say to make a boy horney? How tough can this be? Boys are naturally horny. Usually, just saying that you are willing to have sex with them is enough. Of course, if he’s gay, you might want to have your brother say it.

christmas pajama party I had a fun pajama party a few weeks ago, since I’m logged into the Psychic Power Network most of the time and don’t get out, it was more come as you are in my case. However, I’m thinking Christmas pajamas would be very festive and fun. We could all model our new Christmas themed jammies. Don’t be giving me ideas. I’m dangerous that way.

how to make girls fart The quickest way is to feed them beans. Or, in my case, meat. I did a you tube search for a video that I found hilarious. Makes me laugh. Every single time. I’ve watched it a lot. And I want to share it with you, because, dang, farts are funny.

During my YouTube search, I began to suspect that this querent wanted to make girls fart for reasons other than comedy.There was kind of a p0rn fart video. Yuck. Your search brought you to the wrong place. Farts are funny. That is all. Now go to YouTube. They have what you want.

hangy breasts porn I can only suspect the poor dear is no longer stimulated by his wife’s implants. Could have saved yourself a bundle if you saw that coming, couldn’t you, sunshine?

mcslutty That’s Horny McSlutty to you, missy. He was my first love, but he is still up to his old tricks. You are welcome to him. Just tell him you are willing to have sex with him. See above, in how to make a boy horny.

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I know I’ve been a slacker with the Peep of the Week Awards lately, so this one will have to be a Peep of the last three weeks. Bite me. Plus, I’m just taking the comments from one post. Bite me again. They were awesome.

From Naked Housework

Warrior Woman emergences from her food allergy torture to cough this one up:

Coding is a scary word for me. In my head it means I’ve gone into cardiac arrest.

Zoe voiced all of our sentiments:

man i was so hopeful for a knudsen comment in there. darn it all. huh. i have never cleaned naked…some how i don’t think this is a good time to start!

The Over Thinker shares her cleaning experiences:

Well crap. I just typed up a nice long comment and then I got an error message b/c I apparently can’t remember to put and @ symbol in my e-mail address. I can’t remember all I typed, but I had mentioned that I no longer clean naked-as-a-jay hawk as I used to b/c, hand-to-God: Once I was dusting the TV and my boob came in contact with the screen and I got a shock. A SHOCK. Now I just clean “nearly-naked”.

Evil Woobie adds a practical note:

You got me on the naked thing and I can totally relate! Living alone made me prone to never donning clothes when I do housework or real work on the PC. I am allergic to laundry see… if I dont put on clothes, I wont wash anything. Simple life. :D I wear an apron when I cook though. ^_^

Knudsey tells it like it is:

I do my hoosework naked and now I’m barred from the laundrette.

Nan adds a bit of island flavour:

Oh, I clean the bathroom naked and Sean is often naked or in his drawers at home. I bought a loud bell recently to install on the path to our house, and we are going to put a sign under it that says “Please Ring Bell In Case We Are Naked!” because people are always walking into our house unannounced. “CLANG!!” “Are ya naked?”

Maybe they would stop visiting if my house was really, really clean? That would be bad. Another good reason for dog hair and clutter!

Dawn made me giggle. She’s pithy:

hm. I would be sweeping the floor with mah boobs. Unintentionally.

Marmarburg has her say:

I am a clean freak. I wish I wasn’t. Maybe it will wear off one day.
And I never cleaned the house naked. My husband is already a hornball. I try not to leave any open invite to him.

And the winnah is…

Kristabella cracked me up:

That must be my problem. The image in my head is utter filth. I’m guessing that is why I can’t get off my lazy ass and clean my house.

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