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A good way to approach learning the tarot is the meditative way. The first thing you need to do is to select a card. I would suggest you start with the major arcana cards. These are the big guns, people.

Just a word here. Tarot cards are basically, just 78 pieces of cardboard-ish material with pictures on them. They have no special powers. The magic happens when the images trigger knowledge in your very own subconscious.

You first want to achieve an altered state of consciousness.

When you are all wonked out (Heh. Not really, it is a lovely state of consciousness), I would suggest that you study the card you have chosen, and note how the pictures, inhabitants, and colours make you feel. A notebook with a page for each card would be very handy in your journey.

Next, in your mind, expand the card to life size, and walk into the image. You will still be doing the breathing that alters your consciousness. Notice how you feel, physically, at first. Are you cold? Warm?

Then pay particular attention to your emotional state. Are you excited? Happy? Afraid? Angry?

You will want to take note of all of these elements in your little workbook.

Any people or creatures you encounter in the scene should be noticed in detail. Are they approachable? Will they speak to you, or lead you further into the image? What message do they have for you?

When you have fully explored the landscape and inhabitants of the card, come back to your normal waking consciousness, and write down all that you recall.

By actually experiencing the card in the meditation, you are not ever likely to forget it.

This method is how you make the tarot your very own. You won’t need a book to tell you the meanings. In fact, I found any tarot books to be rather confusing, because there were so many different meanings for each card.

There are other things to learn about tarot readings, but if you are not willing to spend the time to fully learn the deck, they aren’t much good to you.

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