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April 12, the day that my Mom died in 2005, only two days before her 77th birthday.

Lord knows my Mom was no June Cleaver, not even close. If the truth be known, she had criminal tendencies. She just couldn’t resist getting one over on someone.

Ma was funny, and had the dirtiest laugh known to man. She was a surrogate mom to a lot of my friends, especially Torch and The Big V. She gave them a place to stay when they needed it, fed them, and made them feel welcome in her home. They loved her too.

She sat in her armchair and barked orders like a general. If you did not immediately intuit what she was indicating, she would put the idiot timbre in her voice, as if you had taken leave of any good sense you may have been born with.

It never bothered me. I knew I was smarter than her.

When she used manipulation to try to get me to do something for her, I would just tell her it wasn’t necessary to trick me because I was good to old people. She would smirk. It was all in the game.

But you know what? Nobody has a perfect mom, and nobody is a perfect mom.

I knew that she loved me. And I surely loved her.

Mom, I really really miss you. And I held your birthday party on April 14th just like you planned it. The sister that took over the funeral and ransacked your home didn’t want that, so I held it in your building, where all of your friends were.

We remembered to celebrate your life on your birthday. And I displayed this picture of you, with the happiness shining from your eyes.

The next day we buried you. It’s been three years. I’m a total snotbag just writing these few words. I love you Mom.

I’m going to close the comments on this post. Just this one.

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One of the many things that Ass Burger Boy is sensitive to is touch. He cannot handle people touching him unexpectedly. To this day, he will ask for a hug, and I won’t give him one unless he knows it is coming. It’s just the way he is. We hug lots, it just needs a verbal introduction.

When he was a wee infant, I had the most crazy-making task of bathing him. With! Water! Oh, the pain! Big bath, little bath, sponge bath, it all set him off terribly. It wasn’t until he was able to sit up without assistance before I could really introduce him to a proper bath.

I started by sitting him in a plastic wee tub, filled with toys. He was happy about this. Next, I put the plastic toy-filled tub inside the regular sized tub. While he was happily playing with the toys, I put a small amount of warm water from a pitcher in the wee tub. Gradually, I increased the amount, and finally, when I felt he was comfortable, he graduated to the big tub.

This story was to illustrate just how gradually he needs to be introduced to external stimuli.

Last night, he comes home with a girl he had been talking to online for quite a while. No warning, brings her in through the kitchen with all the food prep mess(soaking pots, etc) and drags her over to be introduced.

I ask if he’s hungry and begin to prepare supper. I come out to ask if she is one of those people who won’t eat in front of others to determine just how much I should make. Note: I wouldn’t eat from a kitchen that looked like that if it weren’t my own.

They are on the living room sofa, and she is draped all over him, all snuggly and romantic. Shortly, thereafter, she announces that she has to study, and, oh, my! she will get lost going back to the dorm without him to accompany her. I’m thinking “Study, my foot”, but say nothing. It’s obvious to me the girl is horny and wants some alone time with ABB.

He goes out with her, WITHOUT EATING HIS SUPPER. This boy treasures his grub. And I’m not overly thrilled to make a meal that will go uneaten.

He had no.clue. that she wanted some “alone time” with him. I had to tell him. He wonders why she didn’t just say so. Hah. She’s a 19 year old girl, that’s why.

Today, he tells me that he explained to her how he doesn’t like to be touched unexpectedly, and that they didn’t “do” anything.

I respond by commenting about protection, because it only takes once.

He says he will use a gun for protection. Funny.

I say even if it’s shooting blanks, you’re only half protected. I can be funny too.

Now, he’s wondering just how hard it will be to have a girlfriend if she expects all this touching stuff. He wants me to do the psychic thing and tell him if it will work out. I tell him that dating is practice for learning about one another, and it isn’t always easy, but it will give him skills to interact with someone he will love, much needed skills.

Now he has a lot to work out. This girl moves too fast for him, yet he longs for a girlfriend.

If only a girlfriend didn’t involve the touching thing…

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We have all experienced altered states of consciousness while awake. Any time you are so absorbed in something that nothing else exists you are in what I call sacred space. It is the state of who you really are.

You can set about deliberately to achieve this state of grace with a few simple steps.

First, plant your feet firmly on the floor. You need to be anchored to the earth so you will remember your journey. Imagine that you have roots coming out the soles of your feet, and they are extending all the way to the centre of the earth. Now, feel the slow, steady heartbeat of the earth through your feet, and allow it to move up your legs. It may feel like a throbbing, or even a tingling. It’s all good.

For those of you who have given birth, this next part should be a cinch. The breathing is key to an altered state. LaMaze or even Yogic breathing are recommended. To check that you are breathing properly, place your hand just below your navel. As you breathe in, direct the breath to where the hand is. It should come out as your lower abdomen expands. As you breathe out, your hand should go inward. This is the cleansing breath of LaMaze breathing, and hey! It calms the mind, emotions, body, and spirit!

I always like to intensify my experience. I breathe in love, and give it a colour. I make it brighter and larger with each breath. The love I breathe in is that which I felt when I first beheld my newborn babies. I like to give it a golden/white colour, sprinkled with sparkly fairy dust, because who can’t use more fairy dust in their life?

Now that your whole energy field is vibrating to the frequency of love, no matter how upset you may have been earlier, it isn’t present in the presence of love. There is only love that exists in this state. When you have a good love vibe going on, you are on the same frequency as your guides.

Imagine the energies of your spirit guides and guardian angels about three feet above your head, and allow their love to come down, and settle on your shoulders like a warm, soft blanket. Accept, and allow this.

You can use this altered state to ask questions of your guides, and wait for an answer to come. It will probably be in the form of a thought in your head. Doesn’t matter what form it takes. You are protected by love, and only loving entities will connect with you.

I recommend this exercise as a five-minute vacation for you, anytime you are stressed. Surely you can find five minutes? In the bathroom, maybe?

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Just Beachy asked me what a psychic healer does.
After sending her to my About page, I decided to write my first post about some aspects of my practice. Go ahead, read the About page. I’ve got all day.

I want to create an analogy here, so bear with me. Picture the solar system, then picture an atom, with its nucleus and electrons whizzing around every which way, and at different frequencies. As above, so below, and all that. If I put your hand under a seemingly solid table, then put my own above it while channelling energy, you would be able to feel it. That’s because so-called “solid” objects have a slower frequency than ours. It comes in handy if we want to sit on a chair or something. But remember the vast, solar system like expanses that make up the atoms. Energy can easily move through them, and it is not diminished by geographical distance.

If you think that your soul is in you, consider instead that you are in your soul. As Kahlil Gibran says in “The Prophet”, ” you should not say ‘God is in my heart,’ but rather,’I am in the heart of God”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

We are all energy constructs. Our frequencies may vary, but truly, we are all one. When I connect with someone, I resonate to their energy, setting up similar vibrations in my energy field. I can then kind of feel you inside of your skin, and if you are in pain, I usually feel that. I feel for energy blockages. Sometimes I see them as well.

While I am doing this, I am connected to my healing guides, and my go-to guide, the Archangel Michael. I know that Raphael is the official Archangel of healing, but well, I was attuned to Michael, and I can easily channel that energy. The healing does not come from
me, it comes through me. I fill myself up with all that yummy love, and direct it from my heart chakra to the recipient. It works pretty much the same way as prayer does, except that I am more aware of the process. Like prayer, you become in a state of perfect peace and grace. Love is like that.

Sometimes my toning and chanting guides call upon me to produce certain sounds, sometimes my healing drum is called for. It’s all good.

This is the usual procedure for distance healing. In person, I attune the client myself to the energy of the Archangel Michael, and put my hands upon them to channel the energy directly, clearing their chakras. It is always a beautiful experience, because love just feels so wonderful.

This stuff is so much a part of my practice that I hope it isn’t too much jargon speak for you. Google “chakras” if you aren’t down with the term.

Any questions?