February 19th, 2008 | 23 Comments »

Yes! It’s tuesday! And our friend Marie has given us the choice to use this graphic instead of the slightly disturbing one she had before. Now we have a feather that seems to be looking at us. I been good, feather! Honest!

A bit of a backstory on this one. Warrior Woman had this photo of her incredibly spoiled cat, Salem, who I like to call Satan, just to torture her. She claims to have zero computer skills and so gave me the photo to use as I would. And I did. Satan is a huuuuge dadgum kitteh, no?

Btw, Warrior Woman hates it when I peel an orange around her kittehs. I think it’s an effective way of getting his stank arse out of my face after he has used the litterbox, and hops up on the table. But mostly, I do it just for fun.

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