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I was tagged, oh, a long time ago by Diva of I Am The Diva fame for this frisky little meme that lists seven quirky things about me.


  • Link back to the person who tagged you. Check.
  • Write your seven quirky things. Soon to be checked
  • Terrorize 7 other people whose blogs you visit. Scary. Link to them in your meme post.
  • Tell them what you have done in their comments section.
  • Beg their forgiveness.

Seven Quirky Things About Me (as if you don’t have enough information what with my 100 things page and all):

  • I have slept in the beds of several people who have died in those very beds. No big.
  • One of the beds was in a very paranormally active house. I woke up in the middle of the night once with huge beetles infesting my hair. They were trapped inside the chiffon scarf I wore around my head to keep my hair rollers in place. Yes, I’m that old.
  • I cannot follow a recipe to the letter. There is something in me that makes me think that I can make it better, my own way. Therefore, recipes are considered guidelines or suggestions.
  • I have wicked negotiating skills. I sold cars when I was quite young, and learned a lot from that. One time, I sold a car I bought privately back to the company that made it for $200 less than I paid for it. I had driven it for two years. The company representative was in awe of my skills.
  • I once had an online romance. It ended before we met, and I was totally devastated. He was an amazingly talented healer, but so much younger than I.
  • The first food I remember eating was lobster scrambled with eggs. And fried dulse, and bread and molasses. Yes, I am that old.
  • The presents I love the best are the homemade ones. Those of you who wish to present me with a kickin camera, I will totally forgive you if you didn’t make it yourself.

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