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One of my pretty deep readers,Old Knudsen, has asked me some questions that require a post to answer. That, and a more lucid mind than I possess.

When you get a minute can you tell me more about the whole, ‘people know everything already’ theory either on yer blog or e-mail and if they do and you’ve been activated does that mean you’re always right?

I have made shamanistic journeys that would underline this theory. When you journey to the void, you experience everything, and know that everything is connected. All knowledge is available. Sometimes people can tap into it quite easily. The same people, when sick or not on their game, get a lesser connection. The information is valid, but sometimes the receiver is faulty. Kind of like computer problems that lie betwixt the chair and the keyboard.

The activation you speak of, is that the activation to the energy of the Archangel Michael? Because that’s a different thing. I activate or initiate people into the energies of Michael. It changes their vibrations in such a way that makes them a better vessel to channel those energies, be it through healing, or communication by channeling.

How does that go with humans forgetting information as a way of coping? I can’t see how we’d know everything unless there was a big spiritual connection with everyone/thing in the universe I don’t think our brains could take it as we can’t take the face of God.

I think I would go mad if I remembered everything. But then, I’m a gemini. I fear the sensory stimulation of New York City would overwhelm me. There is a spiritual connection with everyone/everything in the universe. We blink in and out of that reality several times a second. The face of God is love, pure and simple. And, yes, it is overwhelming to be in God’s face all the time. Not that she minds. We each of us, have the same access to God. Vibrating to the frequency of love is our ticket to ride.

Most confusing, I can see that not remembering our birth and deaths and various lives makes sense so maybe we aren’t meant to know. Using yer power do you ever feel like an intruder ?

There is a story from the Talmud about birth memory. In fact, this website was written by one of my first online friends, a very witty man, who wears many hats, including rabbi. (I typed rabbit at first, which rather amused me.) This website can explain this issue far better than I can.

I don’t like to use my talent in an intrusive way, because I wouldn’t want to be intruded on myself. Sometimes, it’s a judgment call, like when I am working with the police.

When I communicate with dead folks, they either choose to engage or not. Some of them are downright saucy. One even mocked my abilities and said “Tell her to go to somebody good!”

I find it frustrating to translate the experiential into words. Some of these experiences have no words. But hey, this isn’t a geek post, so go vote for me.

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We have all experienced altered states of consciousness while awake. Any time you are so absorbed in something that nothing else exists you are in what I call sacred space. It is the state of who you really are.

You can set about deliberately to achieve this state of grace with a few simple steps.

First, plant your feet firmly on the floor. You need to be anchored to the earth so you will remember your journey. Imagine that you have roots coming out the soles of your feet, and they are extending all the way to the centre of the earth. Now, feel the slow, steady heartbeat of the earth through your feet, and allow it to move up your legs. It may feel like a throbbing, or even a tingling. It’s all good.

For those of you who have given birth, this next part should be a cinch. The breathing is key to an altered state. LaMaze or even Yogic breathing are recommended. To check that you are breathing properly, place your hand just below your navel. As you breathe in, direct the breath to where the hand is. It should come out as your lower abdomen expands. As you breathe out, your hand should go inward. This is the cleansing breath of LaMaze breathing, and hey! It calms the mind, emotions, body, and spirit!

I always like to intensify my experience. I breathe in love, and give it a colour. I make it brighter and larger with each breath. The love I breathe in is that which I felt when I first beheld my newborn babies. I like to give it a golden/white colour, sprinkled with sparkly fairy dust, because who can’t use more fairy dust in their life?

Now that your whole energy field is vibrating to the frequency of love, no matter how upset you may have been earlier, it isn’t present in the presence of love. There is only love that exists in this state. When you have a good love vibe going on, you are on the same frequency as your guides.

Imagine the energies of your spirit guides and guardian angels about three feet above your head, and allow their love to come down, and settle on your shoulders like a warm, soft blanket. Accept, and allow this.

You can use this altered state to ask questions of your guides, and wait for an answer to come. It will probably be in the form of a thought in your head. Doesn’t matter what form it takes. You are protected by love, and only loving entities will connect with you.

I recommend this exercise as a five-minute vacation for you, anytime you are stressed. Surely you can find five minutes? In the bathroom, maybe?