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If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to read Part One

It’s okay, I’ll go start supper and come back when you do.

The second time I worked with the police was a murder investigation. I got the officers very interested when I looked at the victim’s photograph (taken during his life, not in his death because that would be creepy, even for me) and I muttered “That dirty old bugger.”

What I saw was a pedophile. What his wife and the rest of his community saw was a very nice man.

I next described the shooters. I kind of did it by “feeling them” or “visiting” them. I knew the older was flabby, soft, and fair-complected. The other was younger, more fit, and dark-haired.

The officers asked me if I could identify them from photos. I could and did. They were getting more excited. They had an idea who did it. They were asking me to describe everything I could about the case before they revealed exactly what they wanted me to pinpoint. I guess they wanted to see if I was any good.

I was asked to tune into the victim around the time of the shooting. I described a dark house, him having a pee, putting wood in the stove, down to the pattern on the linoleum. (That’s old people talk for a particular kind of hard wearing flooring, and this was so not pretty) They were all yeah, yeah, skip all that, what happens next?

I describe a barn he goes to, and later I sketch this barn. There were birthing pens that I sketched, and I put them on the wrong level, but precisely above where they actually were. (Note: I have been looking through my stuff to find my sketches. I’m hoping I didn’t throw them out in the big clean I did recently.)

He is doing something on the lower level, washing something, and he hears something on the upper.

To be continued…