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I really enjoyed checking Miguelina’s blog out in order to formulate some questions to ask the author. She doesn’t post daily, so her archives didn’t take me forever to read, but were very good reading. For anyone who hasn’t signed up yet, Neil at Citizen of the Month has instituted the Great Interview Experiment . Get on board! It’s fun, and you get to read a new blog. I wish I had such a genius idea.

1. I’m not sure I got all of your archives. July and August 2006 were a bit wonky for me. Are you embarrassed about your first posts? What compelled you to start blogging?

I decided to start blogging so I could become rich and famous.

OK, maybe not – the truth is that as a new mom I was entertained so much by blogs written by much more talented women than I’ll ever be – women who manage to make the ordinary extraordinary – that I decided I wanted to do it too, even if I never quite get to extraordinary. I’m having a blast just having a reason to write.

As far as my first posts – I’m actually quite proud of those posts. So much so that I’m slowly republishing them. I never blog about anything I wouldn’t say in front of my parents – that’s been my policy from day one – so I have nothing to hide. I took a blogging hiatus over the summer of 2006 – during that time I redesigned the site and took down all the content – which is why the site looks wonky. It didn’t help that I was suffering through morning sickness and spent an entire month in Austria being taunted by raw dairy and wine.

2. Besides your loved ones, what is it that fills you with happiness?

I also love beauty potions, uncluttered rooms, white peonies and Boxer dogs.

3. If you had a do-over, what in your life would you do differently?

I would have taken more chances. It’s true what they say, you regret the things you didn’t do much more than the things you did.

4. Can you explain to newer readers why you changed your blog name from Diary of a Reluctant Housewife to Miguelina?

I always hated my middle name (Miguelina), so when I got married, I jumped at the opportunity to change my name and dropped Miguelina in favor of my maiden name. Then I started to miss it. I decided to drop the Reluctant Housewife name and use my old name because it feels more like me – probably because it was my name for 27 years.

I also got sick and tired of getting hits from people looking for housewife porn. Those people are relentless.

5. What blog post surprised you most with the response to it?

Hmmm…I guess the delurking post. I loved hearing back from my readers – and learning that most of them don’t even have blogs (yet).

6. What were your dreams for yourself when you were a child? Did you see yourself married with children?

I always assumed I would be married with children – but I never, ever thought I would be a stay-at-home mother. I wanted to be a zoologist, like Jane Goodall.

It could still happen, right? Never say never.

7. I read only three posts mentioning poop. Don’t you know that poop is funny? Or do you consider it to be a cheap laugh?

Only three? Really? I don’t think poop posts are a cheap laugh; on the contrary, I think it takes incredible skill to do a good poop post. A skill I clearly lack.

8. Did you have other blogs that you abandoned before you started this one? Care to share details?

Nope, no other blogs. I used to contribute to Girl’s Guide to City Life, but had to stop because I don’t get out as much now that I have two kids. Otherwise I write at New England Mamas, Everyday Treats, Aisledash and at my personal blog. That’s enough for one person I think!

9. What do you love about Boston? How do you relate to Bostonians? The food?

It’s funny you should ask that…I had my Dirty Water post in my queue so I think that one answers this question.

10. What is your absolute favourite food to eat? Don’t say Sachertorte.

OK, not Sachertorte. I also love pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and baked beans.

11. Where do you see yourself when you and your husband retire?

We will probably be in Europe, hopefully Rome.

12. What is the wildest, craziest thing you’ve done?

I quit my job without warning – I hated it and knew I wanted out, but one day I was literally ill to my stomach and walked into my boss’ office and quit. She wanted to know where I was going next, and I told her the truth – I had no idea, but I knew it wouldn’t be brand management.

Then I called my husband to let him know.

Then I closed my office door and started to cry.

That night I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive.

13. Why do you equate new age with spacey?

Probably because I’m a spacey non-new age type!

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I’m eagerly awaiting the response to my interview questions from Miguelina and I will post it right away when I get it tomorrow. I really don’t know anything about how to interview people, so I just asked questions that I wanted to know more about.

The first post I saw on her site mentioned her fear of becoming one of those new age spacey types, and who should get to interview her? That would be me.

Since you already know more than you need to about my backside, (thanks, Zoe!) I will spare you the details of what has me currently curled into a ball of misery today. I had to cancel my hair appointment. Not happy.

In lieu of a sick prezzie*, you can always vote for me. I like that.

For the price of a link Make Money Blog is offering ad space for a month. Cool huh?

*sick prezzie: A present, usually brought to a small child to occupy them while they are ill.
Often it is a book, or quiet, solitary activity.

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Neil Kramer, over at Citizen of the Month, came up with a cool way to meet fellow bloggers. It’s called The Great Interview Experiment and is getting quite a following.

I was interviewed by Blackbird, and felt very fortunate. The following are her questions and my answers.

Would you consider yourself superstitious?

Not really. My grampie was extremely superstitious, though, and I would taunt him when I was a child. One cold day in February, I teased him by putting an umbrella up while in the house. He was horrified, and that day, I fell through the ice on the lake. I tried to sneak back into the house without him seeing me.

The only other superstitious behaviour I have is “Step on a crack,you break your mother’s back”. She died almost three years ago, and I still hear her making fun of me about it.

In your work as a reader/healer, how is information presented to you?
Do you hear it? See things?

I often “feel things” in a physical manner, If you have neck pain, I feel it as if it were my own. That is the first clue that I have a good connection. Then I utilize my clairvoyance to see things. Clairsentience seems to bundle itself with clairvoyance. I seem to know what the images I get mean. In a tarot reading, the images are usually symbolic, so that before I look at the cards, I know what area of concern the question will be in. When I get more deeply into the reading, I can see surroundings if it is called for (remote viewing)

I’ve read a lot about Ass Burger Boy…do you see a great difference
in the way people deal with asperger kids now? Autism and Asperger’s
are written and spoken of so much more frequently now – I’m wondering
if you feel the public has shifted their perception.

When Ass Burger Boy was born, there was no information available. He wasn’t diagnosed until he was nine years old, although the pediatricians found him extremely interesting. Nowadays, there is a wealth of information, schools have programs designed for this type of disorder, and it cannot be ignored. My son had it rough, because we had to work with teams of doctors, educators, and counselors to design a program that would deliver the education he was entitled to. I found it discouraging, because dealing with education administrators to free up money for his education was frustrating. The school board I dealt with was later summarily fired because they were not doing their job properly. It gave me no satisfaction because I thought of all the others that their ignorance impacted negatively.

Do you believe in life after death? I would ask you this no matter
what you did for a living….

I certainly do! I communicate with spirits. I believe that the body is a vessel for the life force, and the essence of the entity is intact, but no longer using that particular body after death.

How did you start blogging? Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because, really? I’m easily amused. I like to tell stories, and I thought that people might be interested to hear the stories of a psychic who has a child with Asperger’s Syndrome. I found myself commenting on other people’s blogs, and noticed that most commenters had their own blogs. Since I have several websites, I just used a domain name I already had on an existing server and installed WordPress.

My main intention of blogging was to build a bridge between people like myself and those who consider me to be a Tool of Satan because of my profession.

I noticed that you have only had your psychic geek blog for a few
months – but in your archives you mention blogging several years ago
- discuss.

I did write a few short blogs many years ago, but that was before comments and interaction. I have several abandoned blogs out there from 1998-2005. I no longer have the URL’s, so they are floating somewhere in cyberspace. This blog is the most consistently attended to, to date.

Tell me more about ‘remote viewing.’

Remote viewing is all about intent. You close your eyes, get into an altered state, and ask spirit to take you where you need to be. There was a U.S Army operation (Stargate) that utilized this process at one time. They wanted to know things that spy planes couldn’t tell them. It was very successful, but is now shut down. I read The Stargate Chronicles by Joseph McMoneagle. It wasn’t quite the same as my experiences, but worked on the same prinicples.

If you could have any OTHER occupation, what would it be?

Geek. I graduated with honours from geek school. I worked hard for it, and found that the culture does not welcome older folk. Other than that, teacher. One of my guides is a teaching guide, and told me that I was to teach the teachers. I wasn’t shown exactly how to do that, but I believe that my Archangel Michael activations come close.

Is it difficult to shut off your mind? My psychic friend worked hard
to learn how to stop the information from overwhelming her – I guess
I’m wondering if this is a common issue.

I’m very aware of overload, and the need to have friends. I don’t want people to think I’m reading them all the time, so I set out my own rules. I only receive what I set out to receive, unless it is something very close and personal that fills me with dread. That doesn’t happen too often, thankfully. I make it a point to be as grounded as possible, and that helps. Every once in a while, the odd thing presents itself and cannot be ignored, but on the whole, I am pretty comfortable with the way I have separated my gift and my regular life.

I’m not sure I understand what the UFO sighting and your heightened
skills have to do with each other – can you explain?

I see the UFO incident as a trigger. Shortly after it happened, I began to have amazing spiritual experiences. The sighting was such a profound experience for me that I feel it brought these on. I guess you kind of had to be there to get it.

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When Gram was in her early eighties, she took to saying “If I die” quite a lot. I think she was using it for attention, but it cracked me up.

Me: “Grammie, when you say that, it sounds like you have all of these options, and haven’t quite decided which one you’re going to choose.”

Gram: “Oh.”

We’re an eloquent bunch.

What? It’s news to you that we are all going to die? Do you know something I don’t?

My family accuses me of being a shytte disturber. I prefer “awareness facilitator” as in “The Emperor is naked, dude.”

That conversation spurred Grammie on to take action. She enlisted the reluctant services of my fine furniture/cabinet maker brother, Mr. Trick, to make her a lovely coffin.

Her reasoning? Have a beautiful piece made by someone who loves you, and who, incidentally, will give you a great deal on it. A dirt cheap coffin. Perfect for the long dirt nap.

She keeps it in her spare room to store bedding in. I guess I’m milking the dirt nap thing. *Hangs head in mock shame*.

I have a long time best friend from school days who is a high mucky-muck (Grammie’s description) on the newspaper where we are all from. She spoke to one of the reporters about this whole coffin thing, and he contacted Grammie. High Mucky-Muck suggested they wait to do the story until Mr. Trick came to visit Grammie, so the story would have the two viewpoints.

I have met this reporter socially several times. I like to tease him about being wet behind the ears and things like that. He’s a really funny guy, and quick to respond to verbal torture. This is good, because really, who enjoys a duel of wits with an unarmed opponent? Where’s the sport in that?

I warn him that the combination of Mr. Trick and Grammie is double trouble. Mr. Trick eggs Grammie on to new heights of giddiness when he is around. As if she wasn’t a pissah in her own right.

Me: “Those two will eat you for breakfast, Funny Guy Reporter.”

I’m feeling virtuous, and a little smug, because He. Has. Been. Warned. (Think Oprah, trying to control an interview with Jim Carrey. Ain’t no way to control that interview)

FGR calls the house for directions. Gram answers the phone with “There’s nobody home.”

Mr. Trick recounts the process of researching and building a coffin, adding that he should have built it with a false bottom so it could be placed over the gravesite, easily relieved of its cargo, then re-used. I believe he hollered “Next!” at this point, by way of demonstration of course.

FGR admits to being a little creeped out by the whole deal. He tries to get a picture of the coffin being used as a blanket box, (it’s in her spare room, doing storage duty for now) but Gram hops right in and starts a-grinnin’. No way was she going to miss being in the picture that was her claim to fame.

After the interview, which I was there for, I teased FGR about those two running away with the interview plan.

Me: “You were toast.”

And what do we eat for breakfast?


Note: Gram got lots of attention because of this article, which she totally loved. She was interviewed by the CBC (national radio broadcasting network) and had strangers come to her house just to see the coffin. The newspaper image is here.