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Nan asked me to explain how I got the heart icons to be my bullet images. You may have noticed in the address bar of your browser for this site, that it displays a small heart image. This is called a favicon. You can choose your own image to brand your site and make a favicon. The instructions are pretty well laid out on the following free site.

  • Go to
  • Once you have your favicon in place, you will want to mess with your CSS. I’ve always wanted to say that. Heh.
  • Most CSS or stylesheets are documented, so that layout, sidebars, footers, headers, etc., are separated from the section we are interested in, which is main, or entries.
  • Trust me, you don’t want bullet images on your sidebar. In fact, I have set my sidebar bullets to not display. It’s tidier that way.
  • Under main, or entries, look for these tags: <ul><li>
  • Here’s the code from my site, yours will be slightly different:

#main .entryBox .entry ul,{

#main .entryBox .entry li {


padding: 2px;


  • Back up the old code in case of emergency.
  • Paste the bold code over your existing li code.
  • I suggested to Ree that she use her boot image.
  • Just upload your favicon.ico to your images folder and Bob’s your Uncle!
  • With this code in place in your stylesheet, it will display your favicon as a bullet image.
  • I’m not sure you can change the blogger favicon, but you can change the bullet styling on blogspot blogs. For blogspot bloggers, rename the image to whatever you like, with the filename .ico
  • Now show witchypoo your goodies.
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March 6th, 2008 | 13 Comments »

Joe Pennant, an internet buddy since 1997 or so wrote the first blog I ever read. He still has it. He’s into mad photography these days, and tells his stories mostly in images.

He doesn’t comment much, but this is the best comment ever!

I lost a few things in the wordpress update. Or I think that is what did it. Some of my settings reverted back to a previous time, like my CSS changes, and my header instantly lost its hearts, not that they were anything to grieve.

What I do grieve is that people who were on my blogroll, suddenly are not. So, I am asking that you tell me in the comments of this post if you want to be on my rotating image blogroll.

Shortly after that, there will most likely be a bit of a site redesign. Yes, I will be going to a white background, unless you can convince me that it’s a bad idea.

Other than that? My brain just shut down. I blame the carbs.

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