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Hi! I lived through Hurricane Bill! Bet you’re proud of me, huh? Didn’t even lose electricity after my massive preparations for a loss of power. Don’t worry. Warrior Woman, who I will no longer link to because she routinely deletes her posts, made fun of me all last night while I was exhausting myself getting ready. Really. I’m hardly bitter at all.

I found a lot of local tweeps to follow on Twitter during the whole hashtag that was #HurricaneBill, and found some amazing images from them, since I never got out of my underwears all day. (Too hot for jammies)

There is a webcam at the scenic Peggy’s Cove lighthouse, and one smart twitterer (twit? tweep?) took screenshots and merged them into a totally amazing video.

Truly worth the clicky. These waves are spectacular. And the process of natural selection was brought into play as some folks just had to get up close and personal. Some teens were swept away by rogue waves. They were rescued.

After viewing this display of Bill’s power, it is suitable that you have a visual of how my immediate neighborhood was impacted. From I have photographic evidence. My fellow citizens were grateful I was not collecting it myself in my underwears.

hurricane damage

So really, it was only a cat 1, and the eye was 100 km from me. Mostly, a non-event. We took a direct hit from Juan, a cat2. Big difference! Sorry I scared you. I was freaking out myself with that pesky dream I had.

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