March 28th, 2008 | 16 Comments »

Skinny Bitch has two children, Heartstopper, and George. They call him George after George Costanza on Seinfeld. He plans to stay in his room forever and never move out.

When they were little, Skinny Bitch caught them smoking. Being the perverse parent she is, she made an announcement.

“Go to your rooms and pack your bags. I’m calling the police to take you to the Home for Children Who Smoke.”

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Heartstopper emerged from her room with a pronouncement.

“I quit!”

Neither has smoked since, although Skinny Bitch took up smoking at the age of 32, when she was imprisoned in a halo for five months with nothing else to do.

January 10th, 2008 | 17 Comments »

Bet you didn’t know that about me, did you?

Well, that’s because I’m not all snooty about it.

And, there were six other stars in the movie, all with equal billing.

And it’s a Canadian movie.

A documentary.

Oh snap. I know. Try to contain yourselves.

Truth is, over 200 psychics from my area were interviewed for this film. And only 7 were selected. So I felt speshul. Don’t spoil it for me.

Okay, I’m over it now.

I was really surprised that the film crew were so nice. And helpful. We had a potluck as part of the filming, because I held meditation groups at my house, and they wanted to get them some of that riveting footage. Who knows what could happen? Anyway, the crew stuck around afterwards to help clean up.

You weren’t likely to see it in your local theatres, unless it was during a film festival. There was one screening locally, and I was gobsmacked to later meet another person who had actually seen it.

I took Ass Burger Boy and Skinny Bitch with me to the screening. We had so much fun at the catered, celebrity-filled (real celebrities!) pre-party that we arrived late for the actual screening.

We had to sit in the front row, as those were the only seats left.

It didn’t bother me a bit to have a camera the size of my living room ten inches from my face during the filming.

Note: It is painful to see a closeup of your face on the big screen when you are in the front row. And for Skinny Bitch, it was doubly painful, because she had just gotten out of her halo, a device that is used to immobilize the head of patients with neck and head injuries.

But that’s a story for another day. I do love me some Skinny Bitch.