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I confess that I shed a tear or three during Obama’s speech. I also imagined that the G(reedy) O(ld) P(ricks) were rubbing their hands in glee at the mess they have left for the president elect to clean up. (Robbing Old Age Security to the tune of three trillion dollars to fund an illegal war comes to mind) It evokes images of the Agean Stables. For those of you who forget your Greek Mythology, Hercules had to clean up a never-ending pile of horseshit. Remove one shovelful, two more appear. I would have fed them cheese, but I understand that constipation is fatal for horses.

What struck me vividly, and left me weepy,was the sense of leadership that this man exuded. He knows what a mess has been made of the country, and he is calling upon Americans to help with the task of returning it to greatness. He is a force for unification.

My country isn’t quite fed up enough yet. We showed so much apathy in the federal election three weeks ago, it was pitiful. The major opposition had no real leadership, and voters felt that a vote for the New Democratic Party was a vote for the present ruling party. It was. A minority government was formed, a Conservative coaliton with the New Democratic Party. The bum sniffer is still in power.

I can’t see any way to vote that will give us a good government, that will give our people hope.

I’m feeling jealous of you folk.

I want a Canadian leader who will stir the hearts and minds of our people the way Obama has.

The liberal leadership machine is gearing up to replace the un-electable Stephane Dion. It’s already spitting out party machine soldiers. The hope of our country, Frank McKenna, is a man of his word. He gave his word to his family that he would leave politics after ten years. He kept his word. To address the clamouring for his candidate status, he announced that he was not prepared to devote the time it would take to resurrect the Liberal party and the country. Disappointing, but not unexpected, from a man of his word. We all looked up to him.

I want a leader who is not spit out by the machine.

I want hope.

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