November 21st, 2007 | 5 Comments »

My favourite dreams of all time are the flying dreams.

You know the ones where you think of your

destination, and whoooosh, you’re there?

Your thoughts transport you. How cool is that?

The one I remember most longingly is the flight that

took me to a Japanese meditation garden type thingy.

It had curved granite benches, overlooking the most

intriguing series of patterns in very smooth and

uniform pebbles.

Somebody was lovingly raking the patterns.

It was a living tapestry.

Behind me, the most magnificent and huge sphere of

gold. Not solid, but composed of filaments,

sorta like those goofy fibre-optic lamps.

I couldn’t figure out how it kept it’s spherical shape,

it being so huge and all.

There was a gentle, warm breeze that caused the sphere

to endlessly shimmer with reflected sunlight.

I knew I was in a temple. There was much knowledge here.

The sphere and I shared knowledge.

Absolutely magical.

I haven’t been the same since.

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