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Great news for Blogspot bloggers! Yes, I’m looking at you, Lou, and Hyphen Mama, Zoe, Nan, and a whole bunch more, forgive my laziness in not linking to the rest, they are legion. I just know these URLs off by heart, I’ve linked to them that often.

My favourite go-to geek guy, Andy Bailey, has created the code for CommentLuv to work with Blogspot blogs. He has a video tutorial on the download page, and if you follow instructions, you can be up and running with CommentLuv on your blogspot blog in about 13 minutes. If you have a Typepad or Drupal blog, he has goodies for you, too.

What this will mean to you is that you will be able to host a contest with great prizes. You will need to sign up for the contest, but commenters win by leaving a comment on your blog.Your commenters will be selected at random to be winners.

I’ve been wicked excited about this, and just waiting for the tutorial to be ready so I could share the good news.

So, scoot! Check it out. Thanks, Andy, for a spectacular plugin.

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October 17th, 2008 | 9 Comments »

Big news! Andy at FiddyP is cooking up a great contest with many exciting prizes. All you need to do is to get the latest version of CommentLuv for your blog, and register at commentluv.com. That’s it!

And when you comment at other sites that have this bee-yoo-ti-ful plugin enabled, sometimes a notice will come up instead of your last post, saying that you have won a prize. The contest hasn’t officially started yet, but get yourself over and register your site, so that every comment you make on a blog with the plugin will count as an entry when the contest is up and running.

Can you tell I’m excited? Get coding, Andy!

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February 22nd, 2008 | 10 Comments »

There were a lot of wonderful responses to my post about the lump, the impending funeral arrangements, and they were great!

A few of my commenters, namely Old Knudsen:

So it may be a cyst that will pop like the other one. If only you knew a psychic healer or something. If I was a doctor and was told that a pair of tities needed to be handled I’d make the extra time too. I’m too upset and distracted to vote for you I hope you understand. Only kidding of course I voted I know whats important to you.

and Jenny:

Do your forces of healing allow you to heal yourself? I only wish I could find such a fabulous doctor!!

suggested something about, oh, I don’t know…psychic healers? And then I slapped myself on the forehead. With a hammer. It felt so good when I stopped.

I sent love to my afflicted body parts (of which there are more of than mere boobage) and immediately felt an improvement.

Sometimes, you just have to be reminded of things that you already know. So thank you all, and especially you two memory joggers.

I’m still in that domain name tournament, and you know how I love to win things. This time it’s a new round, and I would appreciate you voting by clicking on the above link, and well, voting. Also? Don’t vote for bloggernoob because then nobody will win the prize, and most people are voting for him just to suck up. Sorry noob, but here’s a link by way of apology.

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I have a confession to make. There is more than one winner. Don’t hate me. I based the winner on who needed some hope right now, and then, I decided to let Random.org decide a consolation winner.

The consolation prize will be a mini-reading on my dime.

Winners, if you have Skype installed, I can record both sides of the conversation, and all the blood won’t drain out of my hand as I hold the phone. I have a great long distance plan, so cost is no consideration.

I will upload the sound file of the readings to one of my servers, and you can download it if you have Firefox in mp3 format.

The winnah is…drum roll please… Zoe. Her son is very ill and she is worried sick. I hope I can help a little.

For the consolation mini reading, Random.org picked Rae Jane

Let’s get our Skypes together and decide when is a good time for each of us for a reading.

People who entered the contest are as follows:

RaeJane What You Believe

Jenny Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me

Teeni Some Bad News and Some Good News

Josey Witchypoo Goes to Kalamazoo

Marie It is Decidedly So

Arizona I Want a Psychic Reading

Divine Miss Jen Bring Me Some Divine Intervention

Zoe mec-alec-ahi-meca-hiney-hoo

And, coming late to the party but who wrote a post anyway, is milkgoddess would you want a psychic reading?

I want to thank each of you for your entry. If I missed any, please smack me upside the header. This won’t be the last contest. This was the first contest.

Shameless self-promotion: Show me some freaking love. Go on, vote. You know you wanna. You have to register first, but you will make me very happy. Check your junk mail folder for the registration confirmation. Oh, and if it says voting is closed? It is for 2007, but this award is for 2008. Click the button to vote for me.

My site was nominated for Freakiest Blogger!

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It’s contest time! That’s right, something for free. Now, I’m not fixing to give out actual money, because, really, I have my eye on a new laptop and a spiffy new camera. That way when I travel this summer (as I do every summer) I’ll be able to post and show you where I am.

What I want you to do is whip up a post on your own blog, linking to my contest. Say in the post why you would like to have a reading by witchypoo.

When you have your post up, leave the link in my comments section.

The winner gets their own personal reading by me, phone call is on my dime. So, think of all the questions you want to ask me, write them down in preparation for your win, and get busy writing your post.

Contest closes Monday next at midnight.

We will appoint a time that is mutually convenient when we determine a winner.

To see exactly what you will get, here is the place to do it.

Shameless self-promotion: Show me some freaking love. Go on, vote. You know you wanna. You have to register first, but you will make me very happy. Check your junk mail folder for the registration confirmation. Oh, and if it says voting is closed? It is for 2007, but this award is for 2008.

My site was nominated for Freakiest Blogger!