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*snort* you know i LOVE all the boob talk. it’s right up my alley. but truely boobs are only feeding utensils and instruments to torture mindless men.

Warrior Woman

Ooooooohhh! I’ve been out-witty-commented. There’s always next week, my pretties……..


Wow – I just don’t know how you ever choose from all these potential award winning comments. I think I need to practice “giving good comment.” Your comments area is the unofficial training grounds. ;)

In response to the Crazy ole turds post

Jenny says

Yeah, my kids will never know the times of fishing in the creek behind the house with an old bucket we found (stole?). Or spending countless hours incommunicado from the parents wandering hither and dither. I’m actually thinking of having a GPS chip implanted in their little heads.

And hey…just stay in the slow lane and I won’t run you off the road. =)


ahhhh the good ole days. we lived in a commune and i spent all my time outside. we did not have a tv. we ate what we grew. my kids would think it was pure hell.

Knudsey, of course, makes his own excellent point:

We are bombarded with so much money-making sensory crap

But still I love yer blog! I am in no shape or form a hippy but I have commonsense, when you sail on a wooden boat you don’t start tearing it up for firewood. I want to live in a well armed compound and it was 10 years ago I was noticing the milder winters, if mother earth decided to wipe humans off the earth I wouldn’t blame her one bit like parasites we are. Growing corn for fuel because it makes money, growing opium instead of crops because it makes money, people don’t deserve the earth.

Warrior Woman

I hung out in nature and got scared of spiders. I kill them all with Raid.

The trees are a witness to the events of time, they live a long time. Fire takes care of the witnesses.

Big business is the evil doer.

I like winter, it makes all the spiders go to sleep

And the award goes to: The Over Thinker

Holy crap—I broke a sweat doing that one.

Wait for it….wait for it….


(Old Knudsen, will you sing my national anthem when I’m wearing the gold?)

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We now turn the spotlight to the witty folk in my comments section. Yes, it’s time for Peep of the Week. A day late and a dollar short.
In the all pith, all the time department, we salute Dawn

Old Knudsen rocks my pants off.

Not really. Cuz that would be dirty.

and Jenny

aDORable! I sucketh at 3:23. But it was my first time… and I didn’t inhale.

In the creative expletive and calling for resurrection of my computer department, I give you Nan

Oh, firetruck!! Perhaps it will resurrect upon the third day?

Now repeat after me: This Has Happened For A Reason.

What else did you want to do this weekend?

and Ree

Maybe another Eastern miracle will happen?

(and an addendum)

Of course, that should say Easter, not Eastern. Geez.

How can we ignore the awesome boob comments from this post? We can’t.

From the pithy Dawn:

go look at my pix again. my boobs just about touch my navel. good times.

From the effervescent Nan:

Look for my post, “hangy-down boobies, the new fashion trend!” and join me in making style statements! I get to take my gauze off my boobie tonight, yay! Sending sunshiny beach vibes your way. Bikini vibes.

But the award goes to Linda who responds thusly:

No no, they do not clunk to the floor.

It’s more of a slapping sound.

Careful not to step on them.

I have more awards to fling around, but I think I need a nap now.

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This week I had a hard time refraining from bestowing this award on Knudsen, award winning commenter, but he does have another blog and I am sure he will be able to decorate it soon. I do have to include it here for those who didn’t get to enjoy it. His response was to his puzzle time. The man just cracks me up. Those of you viewing in a reader are so missing out on the comments.

HA! 4 minutes and 8 seconds, you didn’t think I could beat my usual 5.29 but I did, you can’t keep a good man doon or me for that matter. The Nazis thought they could make me talk with torture but no I held out, well until they threatened to hurt me. Do not underestimate Old Knudsen oh no and don’t stand doon wind from him either or bend over in front of him because he has OCD well thats what I told the judge, if I didn’t grab her arse I felt like something bad would happen, I mean worse than the punch she gave me which loosened my crown, on Tuesdays I don’t wear my cap I wear a crown, don’t ask me why.

If you agree with me, be sure to sport this bumper sticker, suggested by Jenny.

Another comment that I would like to share here for those who may have missed it is Kristabella’s response to There are Things That Make Us Happier. I was wiping my eyes with this one. She’s brilliant.

I’m always overdrawn too. We get paid next Friday and I’m logging onto my account everyday to see when the magic happens.

I like to call it magic so that it doesn’t depress me. And the bank guy likes to call it magic because I’ve put his kid through college with all my overdraft fees.

This weeks Peep of the Week goes to Dawn for her comment on Parallel Play. It was a pithy response, and I almost pithed my panth.

ah… you just compared my husband to a toddler. so perfect. :)

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February 24th, 2008 | 6 Comments »

Nan is someone who I always get excited to see in my feed reader. I also enjoy her insightful comments, especially knowing that she blogs from a Blackberry!

Her comment responded to my reincarnation post.

Oh, I hope reincarnation is real… I have had many dreams and “hey, I know you!” experiences, and the idea of sitting on a cloud with my harp for eternity, or alternatively standing in line at the regional corporation office and dealing with government officials for all eternity, seems so dull! Isn’t that a long sentence! Sam was very cautious around water, although he could swim, and when he was about 3 he almost drowned. He was swept away from me by a sudden current, and I reached him in the nick of time. Afterwards, he asked me “what happened to the other Sam?” I said I didn’t understand what he was asking, so he said “you saved me, and we were together, but before, the other Sam sank right down, and nobody could save him. That is why I came in your tummy. Because you could keep me safe.”

If that isn’t an example of reincarnation, I don’t know what is. And after that experience, he became really BRAVE in the sea, surfing and ducking under when before he had been so careful.

Nan, if this is too big for your blog, it is easily resizable. Thank you for your comments. I value everybody’s comments, and I’m sure I will get around to you, too.

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