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What? It’s criminal that I missed a day posting? I had issues. Some of them involved cheese.

An issue that didn’t involve cheese was something that broke my blog.

Not for very long though. Ree, who has the same web hosting service that I do, told me about her bandwidth crisis, and I checked my numbers only to find that I was perilously close to doing the same. I immediately sent off an email to Rob, keeper of the web-hosting smoothness. I knew Rob was a great guy because he and I went to geek school together, and I saw his niceness in action. In fact, it was Sunday when I emailed him, and he apologized that it took an hour to get back to me because he was helping a friend move. I don’t know how he found time, what with his volunteer Fire fighter duties and regular job. He told me he had some extra bandwidth this month, and not to worry about paying extra.

If you are thinking about moving to a self-hosted platform, you may want to consider someone who is personally vouched for. Someone who is reasonably-priced, and will solve your problems, even on a Sunday.

And now, to move us completely away from seeing our farts, I received a true blue award from Veronica.

She is in on the big bloggy giveaway, so go leave a comment and good luck! She is giving away $25 via PayPal. Not too shabby for leaving a comment, is it?

I would like to pass this award on to Jenny, Teeni, Unruly Duckling and Old Knudsen, because they really are true blue. The screen shot is courtesy of Jenny. I didn’t think to take one when my blog broke. She is very helpful when I have glitches and issues on all of my sites. Some of them I can fix, some, not so much.

I would like to thank those of you who take the time to comment on my posts. I do love your comments. I’m mostly answering them by email now, because I learned that is what the big girls do. If there is an item that needs more discussion, I may add to the comments section. I should have done that with the colon hydrotherapy post, but I had cheese issues.

Because I am sparing you the details of my cheese issues, you should hit that Blogger’s Choice Awards button on my sidebar and go vote for me. Really? It’s the lesser of the two evils. Truly.

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